Summer Workshop Ideas For Tutoring Companies

Summer Workshop Ideas

Summer Workshop Ideas for Tutoring Companies during the Summer Break

Do you need Summer Workshop ideas or camp for tutoring companies? Perhaps demand for your tutoring services slow down during Summer?

Consider offering workshops and camps for kids and adults alike, protecting your revenue stream during Summer Break. 

Check out the Summer Workshop ideas below and don’t be put off if you don’t currently offer a similar service. Many college students who are off for the Summer will be available to help with subjects or areas they are studying!

Drama Camp for Tutoring Companies

Not everyone has to act at Drama Camp! Your shyer campers can be directors, scenery creators or costumiers. So there’s something for everyone!

Offer a selection of scripts and decide on an age appropriate play to produce during drama camp for tutoring companies. Assign backstage roles and then perform auditions for your actors.

Above all you are aiming for a show at the end of the camp, whether that’s one large production or a compilation of short performances.

Lego Masters

Everyone loves lego right! It’s one of the favorite summer workshop ideas. But it’s educational too and often used as part of a STEM or STEAM club.

Construction includes elements of engineering and physics, especially if you combine some of the moving aspects of lego.

Include group builds for fostering team work and individual builds for experimentation.

There are companies who rent lego sets such as netbricks so research your local area and libraries.

Summer Bookclub

Book Club

Book clubs are great for all ages, but perhaps not all at once! So, pick an age appropriate text or play for your camp for tutoring companies. Additionally, perhaps combine with your Drama camp.

Read this article on how to start a book club.

For younger readers break your day into reading, discussion and a targeted activity. For example, youngsters can draw scenes, act out dialogue or dress up.

Check out local libraries with children’s sections for a visit or to team up.

Film Camp for Tutoring Companies

Film Club

Film camp is one of the summer workshop ideas that can cover everything from initial idea, to scene boards, scripts, locations and directing. Furthermore, targeting a workshop for filming with a smart phone is on trend right now.

Therefore, incorporating language and writing into a fun project. Depending on the subject of the film such as a local nature area, beach or city it can also include research skills.

Finish your week by screening your ‘shorts’ for families. Most importantly, don’t forget to save your films to use for marketing in future years.

Fashion Design

Fashion is great for all ages, from making simple clothing items to designing a full outfit. Your week can start with patterns, fabrics and age appropriate sewing techniques.

Then move on to accessories, foot wear and make up classes. Finish your week with a runway show, you could even invite family members for a fun inclusive show.

Remember, you don’t have to make everything and students from a local high school or college course could help with content and equipment.

The school break does not need to be a learning slump for students and a difficult time for your tutoring company. That is to say with some creative thinking, our summer workshop ideas and pulling from resources in your area you can offer engaging and fun activities for kids and teens alike. Most importantly, a camper today could be a math student in future.

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