Credit Card Processing

credit card processing

Charge Credit Cards for Tutoring

Keep a card on file to process or allow customers to pay online


Accept Credit Card Payments for Tutoring

Credit card processing for tutoring services is a must for streamlined tutoring operations.

Therefore, you can accept credit card payments directly through Oases. So we have partnered with both Stripe and As a result, you will have streamlined credit card processing for your tutoring.

However, you can of course, log other payment types as well!



online tutor software credit card processing

Oases partners with Authorize.Net for accepting credit card payments and e-checks via your Oases database.

Furthermore, if you sign up for your Payment Gateway using our link you won’t pay any additional charges to Oases. Alternatively, if you wish to use your existing Authorize.Net Payment Gatway that’s fine too. However, there will be a small transaction fee to Oases.

Additionally, you can keep a credit card ‘on file’ to run charges for your customers’ invoices or allow your customers to enter payment.

online tutor software credit card processing

If you need to accept credit card payments in countries other than the USA, then you can link your Stripe account.

Additionally, you can keep a credit card ‘on file’ to run charges for your customers’ invoices or allow your customers to enter payment.

Keep in mind we charge a small fee for Stripe transactions.




Opting for one of these integrations will allow you to link with a card processor allowing you to keep ‘cards on file’, safely and securely. Also, the credit card processing feature may be used in a number of ways:

  • Manually run a single charge instigated in Oases
  • Bulk run all outstanding totals instigated in Oases
  • Set recurring invoices with automatic credit card payments in Oases
  • Action voids and refunds via Oases
  • Your customer can login and action a payment at anytime
  • Charge new and existing customers for services via Oases MarketPlace storefront

Cost Centers

If you have multiple programs with different cost centers for your tutoring services you can link different credit card processing accounts.

As a result you can channel payments to different business accounts. So you can keep money separate.


Other Payments

Other Payment Types

Your customers may wish to pay you in multiple ways, therefore you can enter multiple manual payments.

For example:

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Money orders
  • Other
  • Discounts & Write offs

Please note that depending on the credit card processing gateway, additional charges may apply to transactions.

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