How to Tutor Online Effectively

tips for online tutoring

Simple tips for online tutoring to ensure successful engagement and results

Knowing how to tutor online is important in today’s digital age. As such the demand for effective online tutoring has never been higher.

Students are now connecting with tutors over greater distances and beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out in the world of online teaching, here are some useful tips for online tutoring.

Everybody Needs to be Ready

Online Tutoring

One of the most important tips for online tutoring is making sure that everybody knows when the session is happening. Also providing ample notice on connecting to the online meeting space.

Using a management and scheduling platform to schedule sessions with online meeting spaces makes this simpler. Choosing a comprehensive platform such as Oases is key. Simplifying session and meeting creation and automating messaging. Consequently reminders and meeting links are sent out automatically.

When looking at how to tutor online and deliver effective online tutoring, set the groundwork. Being ready, calm and professional is the best start.

How to Tutor Online – You & Your Space

Online Tutoring

We’ve already discussed being on time and ready for your online session. But you also need to consider what the student will see via video.

Therefore, choose a space with an uncluttered wall behind you and ample lighting.

Ensure you are dressed and present appropriately.

Most importantly to how to tutor online is to make eye contact with your student. This means looking at your computer’s camera and not necessarily at the video of your student. If it’s possible with your meeting software, place the video of your student as close as possible to your camera.

Engage Your Online Student

Online Tutoring

When instructing your student have your lesson prepared for maximum engagement.

Use the white board for solutions not questions. Any questions or problems can be created on documents and uploaded to the session and shown on screen.

This saves time and most importantly helps in keeping your student engaged.

Supportive Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Set clear expectations and rules then move at your student’s pace and be supportive.

To do this discuss challenges, ensure familiarity, assist with problem solving and take action.

Give helpful feedback and always recap your session offering guidance on overcoming any issues.

Asking your student for feedback, especially if you have set homework, will help in how you tutor online. Ensuring your student feels heard. 

Finally, give the last 5 minutes to the student for anything they want. To talk personally, watch a video or draw a silly picture. Decompressing is important for everyone. 

In conclusion, how to tutor online requires a blend of technological proficiency, instructional experience and interpersonal skills.

By embracing these tips, you can create engaging and impactful onlilne learning experiences for your students. Remember, the ultimate goal is to empower students to succeed and thrive academically, regardless of the medium through which education is delivered.

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