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About Oases Online

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Oases Online tutor management has been in the software business since 2003. We have a wealth of experience in our team, and all our tutor software development is handled in-house; we never outsource.

Finally, we take pride in the quality of our products, and our fanatical customer support.


The Team

About The Oases Team


Based in North Florida our Support Team is headed by Katharine.

With over ten years at Oases and decades in the service industry, Katharine’s team assists new customers. Additionally, the team responds to support tickets to help with questions.



Our Sales Team is divided into two pods! To clarify, there is one team for small tutoring businesses and one for Enterprise.

As a result we can ensure your specialist can answer all of your pre-purchase questions.



Based in South Florida, the Oases Technical Team is headed by Charles. Charles oversees various divisions within Technical Engineering:

  • Technical Team
  • Development Team
  • Feasibility & Quotes

Above all, programming is handled in-house allowing for dynamic handling. Furthermore, as our team wrote the code they understand the code. In other words, we respond quickly.




About Oases Information


Oases Information

We take the responsibility of caring for your data very seriously.

Therefore, we have servers in multiple secure data centers across multiple countries.

So, your data is always available 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


The Oases Support Team will never assist a member of your staff or any other individual to gain access to your Oases database.

We will always refer your staff to request access from your team.

However, the account owner can reach out via secure channels about access questions.


Importantly, rest assured, Oases will never sell customer or subscriber data to a third party.

Additionally, we respect our customer’s time . Therefore, we will not ask our existing customers to speak to potential customers. For example, we do not give out contact details for you to act as a reference.



More Oases Information


About Oases Online

Additionally, you will find the In Detail pages on our website explain the core features of the Oases Online tutoring management software.

That is to say, this will help you with an overview of what Oases has to offer.

Oases Information about Tutoring

However, for general articles on tutoring check out the Oases Blog. That is to say, the blog information complements the Oases site and contains helpful articles and tips and tricks for all tutoring providers.

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