Oases Purchase Process – Pre-Sale

The first part of the Oases Online tutoring management purchase process is finding out if we have what you need. We appreciate that you’ll have questions about the Oases system prior to purchase. Perhaps some areas of the system may need explaining before you feel comfortable committing to the Oases system.

We’ve covered many areas on this website in the In Detail section but in addition, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have, simply choose which works for you from the list below:

  • Call us at 866-327-0035
  • Send a message by clicking  here
  • Book a live Oases demonstration


Oases Sales Process – Decision

You know what you need. You’ve looked at Oases and decided to become a customer. Welcome – we’re delighted to have you on board!

Simply sign up and your Oases Online database is created automatically and is ready for you start working right away. Keep your active student list below 26 while you are setting up and you won’t be charged above the Tier 1 rate.



When you sign up for Oases you can follow our Quick Start Guide to get going with the setup process right away and begin loading your data. Large companies may also wish to download our Implementation Planner to help plot out a software transition.

Our Knowledge Base is full of videos, articles and ideas to help you get started.


Live Assistance

If required you can sign up for an online assistance session, where a member of our fanatically dedicated Support staff will introduce your administrators to the system.

This is normally accomplished in a one hour online session using screen-sharing technology. Our staff will show your team how to set key items, answer questions and how to find additional resources to move forward.



We’ve created an entire Knowledge Base to help your users get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. If your administrators still have a question or need an answer to something, they can submit a support ticket and our incredible support staff will pick it up and deal with it promptly. Of course, if there’s anything urgent, then we’re only a phone call away.


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So what’s next?

On the right side of this page you will find a demonstration booking form. We would love to show you how Oases Online tutoring management software can streamline your business. So fill out the form and book a convenient time or call us on 866.327.0035.

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