Oases Purchase Process

oases purchase proces

Our Process

Getting started with your new tutoring management system



The first part of the Oases purchase process is finding out if we have what you need. That is to say, will it work for you! We appreciate that you’ll have questions prior to signing up for Oases. Perhaps you want to see it in action prior to making the decision to get Oases.


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You’ve had a demo and researched our features. You know what you need and have decided to become a customer. The second part of the Oases purchase process is to get Oases! Welcome – we’re delighted to have you on board!

Simply sign up for Oases and your online database is created automatically. Furthermore, it is ready for you to login and start working right away. Keep your active student list below 26 while you are setting up and you won’t be charged above the Tier 1 rate.



When you have your new Oases database you can get started right away. Simply follow our Quick Start Guide to complete the setup process. Then begin loading your data.

Large companies may also wish to download our Implementation Planner to help plot out a software transition.

Our Knowledge Base is full of videos, articles and ideas to help you get started.



If you need help setting up you can book a support assistance session directly from your home page.

That is to say, a member of our fanatically dedicated Support staff will introduce your administrators to the system during a complimentary session! Furthermore, new customers may take advantage of a further 2 hours of assistance. So in total 3 complimentary assistance sessions.

Love exploring software and want to go it alone? No problem, you don’t have to have a live session with us. Our Knowledge Base and help items contain everything you need.



We’ve created an entire Knowledge Base to help your users get Oases support answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.

However, if your administrators still have a question or need an answer to something, they can submit a support ticket.

Tickets can be used for questions or problems and our incredible support staff will pick it up and deal with it promptly.

Ticket support is free and unlimited for your users with Admin access.

So What’s Next?

Still have questions? Call us on +1-866-327-0035 or:

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