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Contact Oases

contact oases

Contact Oases Sales using one of the methods below.

On the other hand, if you are already an Oases Customer please contact us via email to your contact or submit a support ticket.

See Customer Support



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Contact Oases Sales


If you are interested in using Oases to help manage your tutoring or session based business and would like to contact Oases please reach out to Oases Sales. You can use any of the following methods.


Snail Mail

Send us Something

Write To

  • Address: 7750 Okeechobee Blvd #2023, West Palm Beach FL 33411



Contact Oases Support


If you are a current Admin user of the Oases Online tutoring management platform please follow the instructions on the Oases Customer Support page.

Note: For the security of student data we will not give assistance over the phone to gain access to Oases. Please contact your employing tutoring company. To clarify, we will not help anyone gain access to an Oases database unless you are the approved contact.

Tutors requiring assistance with Oases or wishing to report a potential issue should report this to your employer.

They will be able to answer any questions about your process in Oases. Alternatively, they will contact Oases to report an issue to our team. That is to say, due to the highly configurable nature of the platform we are unable to give advice on your company’s internal procedures.



Contact Oases Accounts


Current Oases customers:

  • Press reply on your latest emailed Oases invoice
  • Submit a support ticket

If you are not a current customer please forward questions to accounts at



Explore Oases Features


So, you’ve already reached out to Oases! Don’t forget to return and browse our In Detail section. For example, you will find lots of information about the Oases tutoring management platform, including videos.

Finally, you contact Oases by booking a demonstration. Additionally, you can sign up to our blog. As a result you will receive information about Oases and articles about tutoring and running a tutoring business. Rest assured, we will never sell your data nor bombard you with emails.

Oases Purchase Process.

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