Fees for Optional Items

fees for optional items


You may want a little extra so here are the additional charges


Fees for Optional Items

Fees for optional items: You will find that Oases pricing covers all of the standard features of Oases Online tutor software.

However, we do offer you some optional items. That is to say we have some bells and whistles for you.

Therefore, please check this page so you will know what items may carry an additional charge.



oases partners achieve

If you will be using Achieve Tests there is a $13.00 per student charge. This will cover a test pack (pre-test and post-test for a student).

We will add the $13.00 fee to your pending invoice as soon as the pre-test is added to the student. When you use the post-test there are no additional fees. To clarify, if you don’t use the post test, there is no partial refund.

If you decide you want to administer a second pre-test as an interim test, there is a charge of $5.00.


Credit Cards

online tutor software credit card processing


Credit card processing for your tutoring services is important. Therefore, we have set it up so you can process your cards and charges with no additional fees from Oases. Simply apply for an Oases affiliated Authorize.Net payment gateway. If we link an affiliated profile to your Oases database we won’t charge a fee above what you will pay to Authorize.


Alternatively, perhaps you already have a non-affiliated Authorize.net account. For example, you want to stay with your existing account because they currently offer you great rates. No problem, you can still link your account to Oases but it will attract a 0.25% transaction fee.

online tutor software credit card processing

If you use Stripe you can link your account to Oases. This will attract a 0.25% transaction fee.


Email & SMS

aws fees for optional items - additional charges - online tutor software


We charge $1.00 for every 1000 emails sent from Oases.

However, if you send 500 or less we waive this fee and will receive no additional charges.

Fees for emailing can be avoided by setting up your Oases database to email via SMTP.

Please contact us for current pricing or ask your Technical Expert during Your Oases Demonstration.

aws fees for optional items - additional charges - online tutor software

SMS Texting

We charge $0.05 per SMS text message sent from Oases.

Additional fees may apply for international texts.

Please contact us for current pricing or ask your Technical Expert during Your Oases Demonstration.



additional charges - online tutor software

If you currently work with a school, a school district or government agency, translation may be required. Therefore, Oases can produce the student Learning Plans and Progress Reports with Spanish Translation.

In addition to the one-off programming fee to set up each document, a monthly Google Translate additional charge will also apply.

Please contact us for current pricing or ask your Technical Expert during Your Oases Demonstration.



Custom Programming

We will always advise you to adapt your process to the online tutor software platform.  Most of the time you can do this simply and easily by becoming familiar with the features. However, if after using Oases for a while you need a specific item we offer various levels of custom programming.

All programming requests are subject to a $95.00 quote deposit. If you decide to proceed with the work the deposit is applied to the price of your project.

Document Templates

Sometimes an agency contract for tutoring services will want to use their own documents. Perhaps, the learning plan or progress report is required on a specific document. We can help by uploading a template to Oases Online tutor software.

Charges start at $25.00 for simple documents. So, if you need to load a custom Invoice, Statement, Learning Plan, Progress Report or Contract we can help. We will view the document and then let you know of any additional charges before work begins.


Extra Help

Concierge Service

It happens! We all run out of time when running a business or want to start a tutoring business.

Perhaps your staff levels are low or you get a new contract with days to spare. If you need us to perform routine set up items such as data entry, imports, webform creation, we can help. In other words, our Concierge Service can help save you time.

The additional charges for Concierge are $50.00 per hour. Rest assured, we will ask you to approve any fees for optional items before work begins.

Premium Support

The Oases System includes support, however some items are outside the scope of regular support.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting or assisting your web developers with integration
  • Custom report generation
  • Forensic dive and correction of data entry errors
  • Liaising with a third party on your behalf
  • Consumption of the API

If your ticket requires Premium Support we will, of course, advise you prior to making any additional charges or performing your requested support. We will always ask for approval before charging fees for optional items.

Extra Training

Oases is by and large, a self-learn system. Using the initial assistance sessions,  Knowledge Base tutorials and the ticket system you will learn your way around the online tutor software very quickly.

As staff come and go you will train your staff on how you are using the system but should you require additional training during set up or lose a key member of personnel, additional training may be purchased at $50.00 per hour.

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