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Invoicing flexibility – when, how and who you invoice


Oases Invoicing Modules

Tutor invoicing software must be flexible, Oases recognizes that there are many requirements when it comes to invoicing your tutoring clients. Therefore, we have identified the basic methods used to invoice and included them as part of the Oases tutoring invoicing system.

Furthermore, to meet your needs you activate only the invoicing modules you need and separate your clients using the Oases features.

Most importantly, there are three invoicing modules in Oases:



Private Individual

Invoice a Private Individual

The first part of our tutoring invoicing system is the Private module. To clarify, you can perform tutoring invoicing for a private individual. For example, the parent or an adult student.

Above all, you can invoice for services in multiple ways:

  • Before scheduling in advance
  • From your scheduling in advance
  • In arrears after services have taken place
  • For a date range where time not used is forfeit


Contract A

Invoice a Contract Per Student

The second of our invoicing modules is to invoice against one of your contracts. You would usually use this module for contracts with schools or government agencies. If the contract states that you invoice for each student hour you have tutored whether that be one on one or group.

There are two methods within this invoicing type:

  • Students have a personal allocation of time
  • There is a pool of time for the entire contract and is used amongst the students

Additional Information

Our tutor invoicing software and financial tools also include:

Credit Card Processing


Invoicing for Tutoring

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