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Schedule Bid – Invite your Tutors to Reply to Job Listings

Schedule Bid & Tutor Search from Oases is our proprietary solution that allows you to search your list of tutors for new tutoring jobs.

So, think of it as a super Intelligent Match – looking at multiple variables for you. Subsequently, from your list of results you can assign one of your tutors or email and invite your tutors to reply to job ads.

To clarify, this works for a single session or a schedule of sessions, that do not yet have a tutor or instructor assigned.



Create Schedule

The first step in Schedule Bid is to create a schedule with multiple sessions or a schedule with just one session.

Naturally, your new schedule will contain the location of the session, the Subject & Level to be taught and of course, the student.

Additionally, you can also add other information in any custom fields you create. Most importantly, you can choose if you include any of this additional information in your invitations.



Filter Tutors

Schedule Bid now looks at your tutor list and will filter your list based on the information you have added:

  • Location proximity and the tutor’s Maximum Travel Distance if your session is not Online
  • Subjects & Levels taught

Additionally, at this point you can add more filters for your tutoring jobs:

  • Availability
  • Specialist Areas or Support Skills
  • Gender
  • Online tutoring permissions
  • Tutor’s Star Rating



Invite Tutors

Invite Your Tutors to Reply to Job Listings

Your filtered tutors are then emailed with the details of the new tutoring jobs. Subsequently, they can accept or deny the new job via the schedule bid.

All of the replies are tracked inside the Schedule Bid area. Above all, you get the final choice about who to assign. Of course, you are notified when the replies come in!

Job Board

Tutors can see all available potential Tutoring Jobs on their Job Board

As well as or instead of emailing out a schedule bid to your tutors for a new tutoring job, post it to their personal Job Board.

Your tutors can log into their Oases TutorPlace portal and see all Jobs together and compare side by side. Therefore, deciding which jobs to accept or decline becomes easier for them.

tutoring schedule



Assign a Tutor

You Get the Final Say on Assigning a Tutor

For ultimate control, you get to assign a tutor at any stage. Perhaps you found your best tutor before sending invitations. No problem, just assign that tutor.

Alternatively, you may wish to assign the first tutor to respond, or wait until more replies are in. It’s your choice.

Furthermore, you can ask your customer to choose from the top 3 or 4 responses. Schedule Bid can adapt to what you need from it.



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