Common Core Curriculum for Tutors

common core curriculum for tutors

Common Core curriculum for tutors & Lesson Plan Resources

Do you need lesson plans for tutors? Perhaps you have targeted learning plans for your students listing the Common Core goals to tutor?

If you use a tutoring software platform such as Oases you can test your students and produce an automatic learning plan targeting their areas of weakness. The goals on learning plans will list the common core standard that needs tutoring.

Check out our list of resources to find Common Core Curriculum for tutors working from a learning plan.

Share My Lesson

Lesson plans for tutors on Share My Lesson is completely free and is searchable by common core standard.

Importantly, leaving off the CC off the front of your search term is the way to make this work. For example, instead of searching CC.W.8.1, simply search W.8.1 for 8th grade writing lessons.

Core Knowledge

Pressing on the download curriculum button and scrolling down to the filters will get results. Simply choose a subject, grade and language spoken and press Apply.

Unfortunately, you can’t search by standard number but when in a lesson all applicable standards are listed.

Common Core Curriculum for tutors from is providing lesson plans for tutors to use for students from preschool to 8th grade. Helpfully, you can find everything in the worksheets area.

Again, you are not able to search by standard number but all classes have the aligned standards listed. I did not find lessons for every standard. For example, CC.W.8.1 was missing.

Lesson Plans for tutors from is a paid service with entry level for tutors at $29.99 per month. However, if you are compiling lessons to be used across your tutoring service this is affordable.

As a result I did not sign up, so I only saw search filters for subject and grade but not standard number. Helpfully, you will find the aligned standards listings alongside each lesson plan.


IL Classroom

You will land on IL Classroom if you are looking for the formerly free and fabulous Common Core curriculum for tutors hosted at Learn Zillion.

Unfortunately, you will need an account and frustratingly there’s no sign-up button and no pricing listed that I could find. Therefore, reaching out via the Contact button is the way to proceed.

Lesson Plans for Tutors from Verizon Learning

Well this was a pleasant surprise! An account is needed to access lesson plans for tutors from Verizon Learning but it’s free!

Regrettably, I don’t see a search by Common Core standard feature, but there is easy filtering to access teacher notes and student handouts.

So, it may take a bit of clicking! But you will be able to find lesson plans that can be used when particular standards feature on a student’s Learning Plan.

Furthermore, providing lesson plans you will ensure consistency across your tutors thereby maintaining your service delivery standards.

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