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Tutor Feedback System from Oases

tutor feedback and star rating system
Rating your Tutors with the Oases Tutor Feedback System. Tutor Star Rating System A tutor feedback system and rating your tutors is essential. That is to say, in the dynamic landscape of education, the importance of effective tutoring cannot be overstated. As learning methodologies evolve, so too must the tools that support them. Today, we're [...]

5 Tools for Matching & Filtering your Tutors

Matching & Filtering Tutors
Tutor Matching & Filtering Find the right tutor right away!   Tutor Matching & Filtering is a daily task for a tutoring business. Being able to match a tutor to a student or perform quick tutor filtering is key for your efficiency. Below are the 5 key items you need to perform tutor filtering, tutor [...]

9 Ways to Market your Tutoring Website

market your tutoring business
Market Your Tutoring Website The 9 ways to market your tutoring website & business   If you have a tutoring website, you've probably noticed more online competition over the last few years. In order for you to rise above the rest, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to effectively market your [...]

Best Tutoring Software – What you need to know!

Best Tutoring Software Looking for the best tutoring software for tutoring online or in person, can be overwhelming. How do you know what to look for if you haven’t used management software in the past? Alternatively, you may already have a management system and have decided to change or upgrade for better features. Either way, [...]

How to Start a Tutoring Business

how to become a tutor start a tutoring business
How to Become a Tutor How to start a tutoring company or how to become a tutor are both questions I hear regularly. Naturally, the key item here is to be a qualified teacher or tutor yourself, or be ready to employ those who are. However, here we will look at some of the key [...]

Tutoring in Schools | How to Manage School Tutoring

manage school tutoring
Tutoring in Schools is Increasing As tutoring services in schools increases post Covid, the chances are you may pick up a contract to provide supplemental instruction. As a result, you need to know how to manage school tutoring and the unique demands some schools will make. Manage School Tutoring Separately Don't use spreadsheets! That is [...]

4 Tutor Housekeeping Tasks

Tutor Scheduling
Tutor Housekeeping during Summer Tutor Housekeeping, what does that mean? Well, if you find that you don’t need to do much tutoring during the Summer months, why not use your downtime for tutor housekeeping? That is to say, a data laundry? Perhaps, tutoring is quiet in your area or Summer School and Summer Camp is [...]

Tutor Management Software Use – Functions versus Tutor Ease of Use

Tutor Management Software Tutor Ease of Use
Tutor Management Software Use Tutor management software use is essential when managing your thriving tutoring business. However, the needs of your admin and financial teams differ greatly from those of your tutors. That is to say, your financial team needs the ability to invoice for various scenarios and services. Furthermore, your customers wish to pay [...]

Start a Book Club at Your Tutoring Company

read across america day
Read Across America Day As I'm sure you know, March 2nd is Read Across America Day. However, you may not know that this day was established in 1998 by the National Education Association (NEA). Most importantly, the idea is to help get kids excited about reading and encourage a love of books. Interestingly, March 2nd [...]

CRM for Small Tutoring Companies

CRM for small tutoring companies
Does Your Tutoring Company Need Separate CRM? Before we look at the question of does your tutoring company need separate CRM, let's look at what CRM means. CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to a software platform that helps you gain customers, in other words a sales software. To clarify, this platform helps you identify [...]