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Create online webforms to publish to your website to capture
new tutoring customers and staff


Custom Webforms for your Website

Webforms are online forms that capture information from your website visitors. You will find it simple and easy to create various form in Oases. For example, create a short customer enrollment form or a tutor application form. Most importantly, you can make them short and sweet or more in depth, as your needs require.




A Customer enrollment form is one that will capture information about a new customer and their student or students.

Therefore, when new customers are submitting the webform you will get the information you have requested. Then Oases will create the records for you in the system. That is to say, no typing or data input!


A Student webform will capture multiple data points about one student. Additionally, the form will link your new student to an existing customer or create one as needed.

Thus reducing the amount of work required by your team.


This type of webform is designed to be attached to a sign up via your Marketplace Storefront.

In other words, if a new customer purchases a service or books a tutor, you still get all the information you require.




Hire more tutors with a tutor application webform.

Furthermore, as you can create multiple forms you can create different tutor application forms for different staff positions.

Again, Oases creates the record for you to save you time on data input.



How it Works

You create the webforms in your Oases Online database with the required fields for the information you want. Consequently, a snippet of code is produced by Oases which you copy. You then publish this code to your website to display the form on a page of your choice.

Thank You Page

Want to tell your applicants what to do next? Simply, program each of your webforms with a unique post-submit thank you page. Alternatively, you can set the same landing page for all of your webforms.

As a result, you can give additional information or instructions as needed. For example, we will call you within 24 hours or similar.



Once submitted, Oases will send you an email that one of your online webforms has been submitted.

Furthermore, this email contains the responses that Oases will place into the new record.

So What’s Next?

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