Working with Parents: 7 Communication Tips for Building Positive Relationships

communication tips working with parents building positive relationships

Working with Parents

How building positive relationships and communicating effectively benefits your tutoring company & students.


Working with parents is a crucial part of running a successful tutoring business. That is to say positive relationships with your tutoring parents can lead to benefits for everyone.

For example, increased trust, referrals, and a better overall experience for your students. Here are 7 communication tips for building positive relationships with your students’ parents:

Set Expectations

Establish clear expectations with your tutoring parents at the beginning of the relationship. Therefore, you could include discussing goals, expectations for attendance, and how you will communicate progress. That is to say, when expectations are clear from the start you can avoid misunderstandings.

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  • Include Terms & Conditions in emails you send from your Oases database
  • Create Custom Fields for tracking information given to parents
  • Pre-Test your students
  • Create targeted Learning Plans

Communicate Regulary

Consistent communication is key to working with parents and building a strong relationship. Most importantly, remember to provide regular updates on student progress.

Additionally, make sure you are available to answer any questions they may have. Consequently, consider setting up a regular communication schedule, such as a weekly or monthly check-in.

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Be Responsive

Tutoring parents appreciate quick responses to their inquiries or concerns. So aim to respond to all communication within 24 hours, and let them know if there will be a delay in your response. Perhaps include your response times when you are setting expectations.

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  • Adding notes to records when phone calls or meetings take place
  • Tag records that need attention
  • Emails sent are automatically logged in records

Listen Actively

Your tutoring parents will sometimes have concerns or feedback. So in these situations it’s important that you listen actively and respond empathetically. For example, acknowledge their concerns and show that you’re committed to finding a solution. Above all – find a solution!

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improve working with parents and request feedback by:

  • Posting a survey link on the front page of your customer’s account
  • Mark a first session with a custom flag to send a follow up email when completed

Involve Parents

Increasingly, parents want to be involved in their child’s education. To clarify, working with parents can also mean involving them in the tutoring process. For instance, you can share session notes, test results and progress reports.

Additionally, ask for input or feedback. On the other hand, consider inviting them to observe a tutoring session.

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involve parents by:

Celebrate Successes

Celebrating student successes is a great way of building positive relationships with tutoring parents. For example, share progress reports, acknowledge milestones, and celebrate achievements with both your students and their parents.

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celebrate student success with tutoring parents by:

Be Professional

Finally, it’s important to be professional at all times when working with parents and students. Therefore, be punctual, dress appropriately, and communicate clearly and respectfully.

By following these 7 communication tips when working with parents you will find building positive relationships with parents is organic. Furthermore, you will be providing the best possible experience for the students you serve. Most importantly, strong relationships with parents can lead to long-term success for your tutoring business.

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