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Educational Gifts for Students

gifts for students educational gifts
Christmas Gifts for Students of all Ages Educational Gifts Educational gifts for students are a great way of combining gifting and learning. So here are a few examples by age group to get you started. High School Memoqueen The Memoqueen mini sticker printer is a light weight device for printing black and white stickers. So [...]

25 College Application Essay Tips

College Application Essay
Tips to Help Ace Your Application Essay The college application essay is an important qualitative factor considered by colleges and consequently this can be stressful to applicants. However, unlike other aspects of the application the student can control the essay to give the best possible glimpse of themselves as an applicant. On the flip side [...]

Internet Security Tips for Students

internet security for students
Internet Security for Students Security Tips for Students on the Internet - Safeguarding your Digital Journey Internet Security - In today's interconnected world, the internet plays a vital role in the lives of your students. That is to say it serves as a treasure trove of information, a platform for communication and a tool for [...]

Private Tutors through the Ages

Private Tutors through the ages
Private Tutoring Through the Ages Private tutoring has been around for thousands of years! Most importantly, private tutors have played a major role in education throughout history. As a result, from the earliest civilizations to the present day, tutoring has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of different educational systems. Greece & Rome In [...]

Working with Parents: 7 Communication Tips for Building Positive Relationships

communication tips working with parents building positive relationships
Working with Parents How building positive relationships and communicating effectively benefits your tutoring company & students.   Working with parents is a crucial part of running a successful tutoring business. That is to say positive relationships with your tutoring parents can lead to benefits for everyone. For example, increased trust, referrals, and a better overall [...]

How to take Screen Shots and Screen Casts

taking screen shots screenshots
Knowing How to Take Screen Shots is an Essential Skill You will need to know how to take screen shots (screenshots) or how to take screen casts for a variety of personal or business reasons. However, the key business reason is for you to produce training materials for staff or students.  That being said, you [...]

The Importance of Summer Tutoring

The importance of summer tutoring
The Importance of Summer Tutoring Now that Summer is here and school’s out, most kids are thinking about Summer vacations, swimming parties and hanging out with their friends. However, for tutors and tutoring companies, summer is important for an entirely different reason. The months between one school year and the next represent a great educational [...]

Simplify Your Tutoring Company Branding

tutoring company branding
Have you simplified your tutoring company branding yet? Is your tutoring company branding too fussy or complicated? Have you noticed how corporate branding is becoming less cluttered and fussy and altogether simpler? Known as debranding, large corporations are removing text and names from logos. As a result they are using the simplest graphic possible to [...]

The Software Implementation Conundrum

Software Implementation
Avoid common Software Implementation Pitfalls While the title of this post sounds like an episode title for The Big Bang Theory, software implementation can often feel confusing - a bit of a conundrum so to speak. It should be simple right? You choose a system with the features and functions you like, you sign up [...]

Tutors Poaching Students – Four Ways to Prevent Customer Loss

Tutors Poaching jobs tutoring
Tutors Poaching Students Tutors poaching students during tutoring services is an ongoing issue in our industry. How to stop tutors making deals with parents and cutting out the tutoring company is a question I’m asked on a regular basis. Usually, when helping existing and potential Oases Online customers. How to prevent customer loss and implementing [...]