Test or Record Results & Grades

Testing your students and creating targeted learning plans is extremely easy.>

There are three unique ways to take or record tests & grades:

Online Testing with the Achieve Tests

Use the interactive online version of the Achieve tests to test your students on the computer. When finished generate your online targeted learning plan in moments aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Graded by Oases

Enter the responses given by your students for the Achieve test taken on paper, practice SAT or ACT tests or for your own programmed tests taken on paper.

Oases will grade the test and automatically generate a test report.

Create a targeted learning plan for Achieve with Common Core or for your tests with the chosen standards.

Record Test Results

Record student scores for any test or grade group in Oases and then manually create a learning plan if required.

Scores for any pre-test, regardless if they are online, graded or recorded will be compared to the scores from a post-test with the same name and Oases will report on Student Test Gains; scores, percentages and grade equivalent gains.

You also can create custom learning plans at any time without testing or recording test results.

Testing & Learning Plan Video

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