Oases Tutor Scheduling and Tracking Tools

More than anything else you need and do as a tutoring company, you will need tutor scheduling and tracking tools to schedule sessions. Above all you need to schedule quickly and accurately taking multiple variables into account. Consequently, any online tutoring software that you choose must have powerful scheduling functions at its core.

tutor scheduling and tracking tools

Tutoring Scheduling Tools

Student Schedules

What is a student schedule? In Oases online tutoring software, you use schedules to manage a course of sessions between a student, or group of your students and a tutor. So, your student can have multiple schedules running concurrently or consecutively.

For example, you may have a small group of students on a Test Prep Intensive schedule that runs for a set amount of time. Furthermore, one of those students may also have another schedule at the same time to study a different subject or service that you offer!

When you use a schedule all the data you need to manage a particular job is kept in one place. You set the end dateĀ  as required but this may be extended if requested by your customer. Oases creates all the sessions for you, following the date and times you enter.

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Put simply a session is an appointment. This can be for one of your tutors and a student, a tutor and a group of students or just the tutor. This allows you schedule meetings, professional development and other sessions for your team.

You can create a session as a stand alone item or link it to a schedule. For instance, one of your new students books a trial session or has a testing session before services start. This session will be stand alone; it will show in the student record, the calendar and all the usual places but at this time it’s just a one off. When this customer signs up for additional tutoring or decides when they want their tutoring after this first session you can back link this session to the final schedule.

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Availability & Schedule Bid

Here’s where tutoring scheduling tools really matter! When you build a schedule in Oases you will know many of the variables about the service required:

  • The grade of the student
  • Subject and level of the subject required such as Math Pre-Algebra
  • Day and time requested by your customer plus any second choice options
  • Any special needs of the student
  • Location of the requested sessions
  • Special requirements of the location

However, as your company grows you will not know off the top of your head which of your tutors matches those variables. Using Schedule Availability and Bid is simple. Oases will show you a list of tutors that:

  • Have the required subject skills
  • Are within a certain distance of the location or have online permissions
  • Availability to tutor on the day and time requested
  • Has experience with dyslexia
  • Is not allergic to cats or is not frightened of large dogs

Furthermore, if you are presented with multiple tutors who meet all the needs of this customer you can email out invitations. These invitations will include all the information about the job plus anything you choose to add from schedule custom fields.

Responses, when they come in from your tutor are recorded and tracked. Most importantly, when a tutor is assigned, notification emails (both successful and unsuccessful) are sent automatically, and logged.

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Tutoring Scheduling Tools

Session Requests

Say for example your customer does not know in advance when they want sessions. Or, due to outside variables the sessions will be at different times and days each week. You can ask these customers to request sessions via their parent/customer white label login.

In this situation Oases will create the session for you and let you know there is a request. From there you simply assign the tutor and confirm. Then you can link it to a session and still keep everything under one umbrella for your student.

Intelligent Tutor Match

We previously discussed the functions of Schedule Availability and Bid for filtering and sorting your list of tutors. But what if you just want some quick information without setting up a schedule? Part of our tutor scheduling and tracking tools suite is Intelligent Match; look at your tutors’ availability, subjects, locations and specialist skills. That is to say, you can answer these questions very quickly if you have a customer request.

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Session Status

One of the useful tutoring scheduling and tracking tools in Oases is the Session Status. Your Oases online tutoring software comes with three standard levels of session status. Your tutor will mark a session as Submitted when it’s complete, you can then have a supervisor mark it as Reviewed. Finally, one of your admin team members will mark it as Approved.

This final Approved status can and will trigger consequential actions such as sending the session to invoice or payroll. Furthermore, the status of the session can be used to create work lists and general filtering and sorting increasing efficiencies for your back office team.

If this is not enough you can create one or two additional status buttons for your sessions. Furthermore, you can set that emails will be triggered to either the customer, student or tutor if one of your personal session buttons is clicked.

Tutoring Tracking Tools

Testing and Learning Plans

In order to be effective with your tutoring and track student progress you need to know where you started! In other words, where does your student need specific help. Did you manage to close any gaps in those areas when tutoring is complete.

One of the great tutoring tracking tools in Oases is testing and learning plans. Test your student prior to tutoring with the Achieve test and create an automatic learning plan. This learning plan will feature goals and standards targeted to the largest gaps in the student’s knowledge.

If you offer test prep you can pre-test with our SAT or ACT practice tests and provide a score report for parents. Should you wish, you can also link one of these tests to goals to create learning plans or build a manual plan as needed.

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Progress Reports

Whether you choose to create a learning plan or not you can track your students’ progress using Progress Reports. All sessions and student session notes pull to the report, collating all remarks in one place. An additional benefit of these tutoring tracking tools is that your tutor does not have to try to remember what happened over any given date range. Student notes are collated for them.

If you do have a learning plan for the student their progress report will reflect this. In addition to the student session note collation the progress report will report on specific goals from the learning plan.

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Homework Assignment Tracking

As well as the student session note that may be entered by your tutor after each of their sessions, homework tracking is easy too. Your tutor simply enters the assignment and when it is due, directly from the session. All homework assignments are then collated in the student record and may be updated or completed.

Furthermore, homework assignments show via the customer white label login for parents to check.

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Test Gains Report

Last but not least is the Oases Test Gains Report. When you test a student with a linked pre and post test Oases will calculate gains on:

  • Score
  • Percentage
  • Grade Level performance

Other TutoringĀ  Scheduling and Tracking Tools

Student Session Notes

After each session your tutors can add a student session note prior to submitting the session as complete. Your team can set this a required item for submission to prevent omissions.

If your tutors complete the student session note immediately after tutoring their memories will be fresh. The advantage to this tracking tool is that when the notes are collated to a progress report their content will be meaningful.

For your group sessions each student on the session can have a different, individual and tailored note. On the other hand, if that’s not required your tutor can simply copy the first student session note to all students on the session.

Tutoring Tracking Tools – The Report Suite

There are over 75 reports available to you in your Oases database. As a result information and data is at your fingertips at any time.

Sample Reports

Tutoring Tracking Tools – Custom Reports

Can’t find what you need in the report suite? Create your own report with our advanced custom reporting features.

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Online Meeting and Whiteboard Links

If you use Lessonspace for your online tutoring needs it’s easy to create meetings in Oases. When your two accounts are linked online meetings can be created at the time that sessions or schedules are created.

Links will go out automatically with session reminders. Your tutors and students can launch their meeting from the reminder and your tutor can launch and re-email the link from the Oases session if required.

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