5 Tools for Matching & Filtering your Tutors

Matching & Filtering Tutors

Tutor Matching & Filtering

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Tutor Matching & Filtering is a daily task for a tutoring business. Being able to match a tutor to a student or perform quick tutor filtering is key for your efficiency.

Below are the 5 key items you need to perform tutor filtering, tutor tracking and to match a tutor.[/vc_column_text]


When you match a tutor to a student the most important item is the subject and the level. That is to say, is your tutor qualified to tutor a particular subject.

It is essential that you can create subjects and levels, then assign them to your tutors.

This can be done in Oases and then used for matching & filtering. For example you can filter to your tutors to those that can teach Math at a level of Calculus.

Specialist Skills

Alongside your tutors’ academic qualifications are specialist skills they have. Creating a custom list of items that can be checked off about your tutors is essential.

For instance, specialist skills can be any additional training such as Dyslexia or ADHD considerations. Additionally, this list can include items such as tutor allergies or issues going into student homes with pets.

Most importantly, tutor matching and filtering should look at this list. So not only is the tutor qualified but will not have an issue with the tutoring environment.


Locations really should be twofold:

Where is my tutor – Is your tutor close to the session or do they just do online sessions?

Location Permissions – Does your tutor tracking software allow you to allocate permissions based on the location or program of the session?


Tutor availability is a must.  When you are scheduling a session or a customer is booking a tutor through your storefront, a tutor must be available.

When you match a tutor Oases will only return tutors who wish to tutor and are available.


Tutor filtering is required for all sorts of actions in a tutoring platform. For example you may want to email all tutors in a particular area or with a specific tag!

Therefore, the ability to create, add and remove tags from tutor records is a requirement you should look for.

In an ideal situation all of the above key tools for matching & filtering your tutors should be available to you.

In Oases this is the case. For example Oases will match a tutor based on:

  • Subject qualifications
  • Specialist or additional skills
  • Location of session
  • Availability of the tutor

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