Tutor Management Software Use – Functions versus Tutor Ease of Use

Tutor Management Software Tutor Ease of Use

Tutor Management Software Use

Tutor management software use is essential when managing your thriving tutoring business. However, the needs of your admin and financial teams differ greatly from those of your tutors.

That is to say, your financial team needs the ability to invoice for various scenarios and services. Furthermore, your customers wish to pay at different times in different ways and you need to process that information. Most importantly, this financial information needs to be readily available for accounting and reporting in a timely manner.

To clarify, your admin team needs access to features and functions that perform multiple tasks. These functions, by their nature, may be sophisticated and training for the members of your core team more refined.

Tutor Ease of Use

Your tutors however, do not fall into this group. For instance, tutors will concentrate on delivering instruction and then closing out sessions in a tutor management platform that has tutor ease of use.

Additionally, you need for them to be able to see who they are tutoring, what and when. Then be reminded of that appointment and close it out when finished. On the other hand, you may have your tutors schedule their own sessions with students and if so tutor ease of use is paramount.

tutor management software use


When assessing new tutor management software platforms make sure you evaluate the tutor experience and tutor ease of use. It’s easy to spend time checking boxes for features and functions but fail to go through the tutor ease of use process.

At Oases we have refined the tutor access to a simple to user platform called TutorPlace. When logging in, your tutors land on a simple weekly calendar to see or make sessions. This is backed up with a simple student list, to perform testing and create progress reports. Therefore, your admin team can see an overview of the business but the tutor management software use is refined to their tasks.

You can find more info on our website or book a demonstration below and ask to see Oases TutorPlace.

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