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TutorPlace – Simple Interface for Tutors

Oases Online is packed with features and functions to manage your tutoring business. When it comes to session appointments you can create schedules and sessions for different programs, different locations and use different session types and fill your sessions with custom fields and custom buttons to denote a special status and trigger emails.

But what if you as an administrator need all the bells and whistles for back office management but these functions overwhelm the tutors who wish simply to close out a session and add a session note?

Oases has solved this problem by creating Oases TutorPlace, a simple interface featuring just the core functions for tutors who will be closing out sessions and if needed, adding a session for a student.

The TutorPlace login may also be added to your website as a simple white label login. Experienced tutors who might wish to use an advanced function are able to switch between the regular and TutorPlace interface.

If you have tutors that struggle with software and completing their tutoring tasks the Oases TutorPlace interface will solve that problem.

TutorPlace Simple Calendar

TutorPlace opens at a simple calendar showing scheduled sessions that are color coded by status.

The tutor can block off unavailable times and display sessions from a linked Google or Office calendar.

The tutor may create sessions directly in the calendar and choose to add them to an existing schedule for a student.

TutorPlace Account Management

Via TutorPlace tutors can manage their account by:

Updating address, bio and emergency contact information.

Setting Availability & Vacation.

Linking a Google or Office calendar.

Viewing payroll breakdowns for finalized payroll periods.

TutorPlace Screen Shots

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