Simple Tutoring Invoicing

Simple Tutoring Invoicing

Simple Tutoring Invoicing with Oases

Whether you are using tutor software or not, I am sure there are times when you or your tutoring company struggles with simple tutoring invoicing. That is to say there are many reasons your invoicing may become complex:

  • Exceptions are already in place for legacy clients
  • Deals are struck with struggling clients
  • Contracts are made with agencies who want it done their way
  • A workshop or camp needs to be invoiced differently to tutoring
  • Test Prep packages needs to be invoiced differently to tutoring

In these difficult and unusual times you or your tutoring company cannot be hard and fast about how you invoice. In other words, flexibility is the name of the game.


A Tutor Software System Needs to Accommodate Invoice Flexibility

I am sure you have discovered that having these different requirements may not be simple to manage if you are using spreadsheets or a rigid invoicing software. So to help you streamline your tutoring invoicing Oases Online can help.

We do this with invoicing modules and simple tutoring invoicing for all of the myriad requirements is built into the Oases Online tutoring management tutor software. This means you can turn on and off the invoicing modules as you need them.

Simple Tutoring Invoicing
A sample of scheduled sessions pulled to invoice automatically in Oases. Oases accommodates different invoicing rates within one family if required.

Six Simple Tutoring Invoicing Methods in Oases

Let’s have a look at the simple tutoring invoicing available to you in the Oases tutor software system. For instance, this is what you can manage with a few settings and then Oases does the rest.

Contract Tutoring Invoicing

1. Invoice a Contract by Student Hours – You can create a separate program within Oases if you have a contract with an outside agency. For example, this might be a school, a charity or government intervention program. Then you can pull each of your students’ hours to an invoice for this particular agency. Furthermore you may invoice all students together or break them out, your choice.

2. Invoice a Contract by Tutor Session Hours – As above, you may create a separate program and invoice your contract agency for each session hour. That is to say, any of your group sessions will be invoiced by the session time. Again, invoice all sessions together or break them out.


Private Individual Tutoring Invoicing

3. Advance Invoice Hours – Perhaps you need strict control of your tutoring invoicing by selling hours and only being able to schedule the hours you sold. Most importantly Oases has a setting for this and you can use further automation with scheduled repeating invoices with credit card payment.

4. Schedule Then Pull to Invoice – You will find this method of invoicing the most flexible, automated and can be completed in bulk. You or your team schedules the hours your student requires and then pulls them to invoice with one click. To clarify, you can pull to invoice before the tutoring takes place or after, or at the end of the month. Your choice and very simple and will cover most of your requirements.


Private Individual Invoicing for a Date Range

5. Invoice Open Hours for a Set Time – Drop in/Drop out style hours; great if you offer workshops, camp or tutoring memberships. Simple tutoring invoicing in Oases allows you to invoice a date range for a decided fee and schedule that student for unlimited time within that date range. Of course, Oases stops you creating sessions for that student outside of the invoiced range.

6. Invoice a Maximum of Hours within a Set Time – Also known as use it or lose it! You create an invoice for a set amount of hours over a set time. If you or the customer does not schedule the hours, they are forfeit. Great for you to use with packages such as homework help or drop in memberships with an hours cap. For example, you sell 8 hours that must be used within a month; furthermore Oases will not allow you to schedule outside that month or over 8 hours within that month.

You can use one or a combination of these simple tutoring invoicing methods in Oases. So, keep it super simple or manage a more complex invoicing situation by choosing the required method, entering simple settings and letting Oases do the rest.

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