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Tutoring Business Software

tutoring business software
Why choosing the best tutoring business software will increase efficiency & help grow your tutoring business. In the dynamic realm of education, tutoring companies must strive continually to provide students with personalized and efficient learning experiences. For instance, one tool that you can use to help operations is tutoring business software. That is to say, [...]

Tutor Feedback System from Oases

tutor feedback and star rating system
Rating your Tutors with the Oases Tutor Feedback System. Tutor Star Rating System A tutor feedback system and rating your tutors is essential. That is to say, in the dynamic landscape of education, the importance of effective tutoring cannot be overstated. As learning methodologies evolve, so too must the tools that support them. Today, we're [...]

5 Tools for Matching & Filtering your Tutors

Matching & Filtering Tutors
Tutor Matching & Filtering Find the right tutor right away!   Tutor Matching & Filtering is a daily task for a tutoring business. Being able to match a tutor to a student or perform quick tutor filtering is key for your efficiency. Below are the 5 key items you need to perform tutor filtering, tutor [...]

3 Steps to Easy Tutor Scheduling

tutor scheduling software
Tutor Scheduling is Easier than you Think! Tutor scheduling and student scheduling is one of the most time consuming parts of running a tutoring business! However small your tutoring business, unless you are the only tutor, mistakes can be made. So to prevent mistakes you spend time cross checking information. That is to say you [...]

Tutor Management Software – The key reasons you need good tutoring management

tutor management software
Tutoring Management - Why do you need it? Tutor Management Software, is it really necessary? You may be tempted in the early days to think that managing your tutoring business on spreadsheets is a valid tutor management method. That is to say, you only have a few tutors, you know them well and can plot [...]

Tutoring in Schools | How to Manage School Tutoring

manage school tutoring
Tutoring in Schools is Increasing As tutoring services in schools increases post Covid, the chances are you may pick up a contract to provide supplemental instruction. As a result, you need to know how to manage school tutoring and the unique demands some schools will make. Manage School Tutoring Separately Don't use spreadsheets! That is [...]

5 Features to Expect from Your Tutor Management System

Tutoring Management Features
Tutoring Management Features Tutoring Management Features are important. In the business world, you constantly need to modernize your operations to maintain the highest level of efficiency and work performance. That is to say, more tutoring companies are modernizing their operations with a fully-integrated tutor scheduling and management system. The best scheduling software will allow you [...]

Choosing the Right Tutor Scheduling Software

tutor scheduling software
Tutor Scheduling Software Whether you're a large tutoring company or a tutor, music instructor, or personal trainer, a tutor scheduling system offers numerous benefits. To clarify, there are benefits for your business, staff and clients. Using a tutor tracking software allows you to ditch using pen and paper and spreadsheets to schedule. Most importantly, managing [...]

Switching Tutoring Software is Easy with Oases Field Mapping

switching tutoring software
Switching Tutoring Software is Daunting Do you want to change tutoring management software from spreadsheets to a software system? More importantly, do you want to change from one tutoring system to a new one? This usually means a lot of work not to mention the fear of losing data during switching tutoring software. It can [...]

Simple Tutoring Invoicing

Simple Tutoring Invoicing
Simple Tutoring Invoicing with Oases Whether you are using tutor software or not, I am sure there are times when you or your tutoring company struggles with simple tutoring invoicing. That is to say there are many reasons your invoicing may become complex: Exceptions are already in place for legacy clients Deals are struck with [...]