Invoice Individuals or Agencies

Oases does not dictate how you bill your clients.  We are the only system that allows you to bill your private, school or grant based programs all from one platform.

There are three billing modules with Oases, you decide which modules are active based upon your business needs.

1. Private Invoicing Module

Private invoicing is for invoicing private individuals for services. You can invoice your students:

  • In advance before scheduling.
  • In advance after scheduling.
  • In arrears after services have taken place.

Set a credit limit or request payment prior to sessions.

2. School Invoicing

This can be used for your school contracts or other programs in which you bill the school or agency, based upon a Per Student Allocation.

Enter a Per Student Allocation to apply to all students in a program or load custom budgets per student.

3. After School / ELT Programs / 21st Century CLC

This can be used for billing After School programs, Extended Learning Time or 21st CCLC.

This Oases billing module bills per tutor hour rather than per student hour against one contract or budget.

So what’s next?

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