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4 Key Tutoring Mistakes

tutoring mistakes
Tutoring Mistakes It's important to avoid tutoring mistakes for optimal results. I'm sure your tutoring company is organized and your tutors are well qualified. However, mistakes can be made that can lead to poor results for your students. Let's have a look at some items that may help you deliver consistent results and happy customers! [...]

Tutoring Company New Year Resolution – Streamline Your Scheduling

tutoring company new year resolution
Tutoring Company New Year Resolution It's the new year which tradition dictates should come with turning over a new leaf. So we suggest doing this for your tutoring company. That is to say, streamline your scheduling in the New Year. How should you do this? Well, if you are using an appointment app or spreadsheets [...]

Tutoring During Daylight Savings Time

student sleep | tutoring during daylight savings
Does Daylight Savings Impact Learning Should you change your tutoring during Daylight Savings? Daylight savings time will end this coming Sunday morning, November 7th, 2021. Because of this I’m sure that you and most of your tutors and students will be looking forward to an extra hour of sleep. However, does anyone get any extra [...]

Test Proctoring for Online Tutoring

Online Proctoring
Test Proctoring in our Online World Online Test proctoring is important! Online or remote tutoring was on the rise prior to Covid but is now used more than ever before. That is to say, your students are probably struggling struggle to close education gaps. To clarify, missing school during the pandemic has led for a [...]

Tutoring in Color

Tutoring in Color, by Ishmael Brown. What would the world look like without color? At some point long ago in the past, we had the fortune of viewing television in black-and-white. It was a breakthrough at the time. That is to say, being born in the 1970's as the metamorphosis to color TV became commonplace, [...]

3 Reading Comprehension Strategies to Improve for SAT & ACT

what is a student management system?
Reading Tips for Test Prep Reading Comprehension & Tutor Reading - Mastering reading comprehension is a key component of preparing for the ACT and SAT. After all, a student cannot be successful on these tests without a clear understanding of what each question asks. Additionally, the nuances of each reading passage, and what a writing [...]

Dealing with Behavioral Issues in Group Tutoring

bad behavior during tutoring
Bad Behavior During Tutoring Bad behavior during tutoring is a problem for all tutors. Irrespective of group demographics, you will find that every small group of students carry potential for bad behavior issues. Some of those issues stem from a sense of entitlement on the part of the student or parent. On the other hand, [...]

Three Methods of Assessing Student Performance in Tutoring Sessions

assessing performance exams
Assessing Student Performance Student performance is key to your tutoring business. Therefore, following the initial evaluation of a student’s needs, you will need to track improvement. That is to say, your tutor will be assessing the progress and performance of that learner. Additionally, the tutor will be able to determine whether the student has learned [...]

8 Ways the Socratic Method Can Boost Tutoring Effectiveness

boosting tutoring with the socratic method
Boosting Tutoring with the Socratic Method The Socratic Method (also known as Socratic teaching or questioning) is probably the most ancient of all teaching methodologies. In its original form, the tutor will question the student until confused about what he knew regarding a particular subject. Then slowly the tutor will ask open-ended questions to reintroduce [...]

The 12 Days of Tutoring

why tutoring is important.
Why Tutoring is Important Tutoring Makes a Difference. Tutors can help your children beyond helping them understand a topic or completing their homework. For example, hiring a tutor can help make learning fun and build self confidence. Furthermore it can improve academic success throughout their entire education. So in the spirit of Christmas, here are [...]