Government Tutoring Contracts

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Increase in Government Tutoring Contracts

In the last few months we have noticed an increase in government tutoring contracts being awarded to tutoring providers. As a result, tutoring providers who are Oases tutoring management software customers have seen an increase in business offered by schools, school districts and other agencies.

Feedback from our customers is that this is due to learning loss caused by Covid 19. For example, some students missed school or suffered academically due to a rushed shift to online classes.

Luckily our Oases customers have been able to seamlessly integrate these new government tutoring contracts into their existing service delivery. Mainly due to the flexibility of the Oases Online tutoring management software and the contract modules that manage tutoring contracts.


Manage Tutoring Contracts

Any tutoring contract is going to ask you to assess your students to identify gaps in their knowledge. Then, create a learning plan to target those gaps, tutor to those gaps and then report on progress.

Oases tutoring program management does this by allowing you to test off-grade with Achieve. Testing off-grade identifies gaps in student knowledge for the previous school year. So you can prevent the student becoming too far behind as the new school year moves forward.

However, in addition to this Oases has identified and included the four main ways that you might need to manage your contract. In other words, how the hours are managed and the services invoiced.

Therefore, with Oases tutoring program management you can concentrate on tutoring and spend less time monitoring a contract and creating invoices.

So what are the 4 main methods of managing the money for a government tutoring contract?

As mentioned these are the four main methods you might be asked to use to manage government tutoring contracts.

  • Per student hours billing from a per student fund allocation – Each of your assigned students is allocated a set number of hours. You are also advised the price to be paid for each of those hours. If you have a group session time will be invoiced at this rate for each student on the session from that student’s fund. You would stop tutoring when the student has used their hours and their funds allocation.
  • Per student hours but overall funds allocation – You would still invoice the contract for each student hour that you tutor. For example, a group session with 3 students will still invoice for 3 hours. However, the funds are for the entire contract rather than per student. As soon as the money in the overall fund runs out you would stop tutoring.
  • Per session from an overall funds allocation – Your contract has a fund and you would schedule tutoring and invoice until the money runs out. You create invoices per session and bill for the time of one tutor on the session. So for a group session with 3 students you will invoice the contract for one hour.
  • Per tutor from an overall funds allocation – As above but for a larger group session with a tutor and an assistant. You will invoice time for the tutor and the assistant. So for a large group with 10 students you would bill the contract 2 hours, until such time as the funds run out.

Oases Contract Management

In Oases you can create a Program for each contract. You set each Program to one of these management models, (the fifth model is regular accounting where a parent, guardian or adult student pays for services).

All these Programs sit side by side and your tutors can work across as many programs as you need. However, the money remains separate. So if you have received a contract and want a system to keep track of the time and money then take a look at Oases tutoring program management.


Help with Government Contracts

When setting up your programs in the Oases system we are on hand to advise you which one of these methods to use and how it tracks your hours.

If you are thinking of applying for a contract or submitting an RFA for a contract, having Oases as a tracking system will show the agency that you are not only capable of tracking student progress but of managing the time and money accurately.

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