Educational Gifts for Students

gifts for students educational gifts

Christmas Gifts for Students of all Ages

Educational Gifts

Educational gifts for students are a great way of combining gifting and learning. So here are a few examples by age group to get you started.

High School

Gifts for Students memoqueen

The Memoqueen mini sticker printer is a light weight device for printing black and white stickers. So this educational gift helps with note taking and note review.

Importantly, this little printer is completely portable with wireless connection to a phone phone. Therefore, students can use their phone to take a picture of something they wish to print, such as an item in a text book. Then, placing the sticker next to their own notes.

Additionally, students can also create unique sticker images using a variety of free templates in the app. Combining text and images and printing photos, text and to-do lists.

Helpfully, it’s all with no mess, as this is a thermal printer.

Middle School Student Gifts

science lab

The Smithsonian Mega Science lab is a great educational gift for students. Including six activities for your middle schooler.

  • Learn about Volcanoes
  • Study weather patterns
  • Dig up dinosaurs
  • Grow Crystals
  • Paint the planet
  • Create an eco friendly habitat

Most importantly encouraging your student’s curiosity & learning with this fun kit. Helpfully, containing everything you will need except some household items such as vinegar and baking soda.


gifts for students trestle tracks

Each set of Trestle Tracks is made up of hollow stacking cubes and a variety of flat tracks. For example, the paths in the tracks widen slightly from one end to the other, thus creating an invisible slope that propels the marbles forward.

Finally, this gift for students comes in different kit sizes allowing you to choose the level of educational gift. For instance, starting out with the 43 piece starter set means you can test it before adding on to your collection. This set has 3 guided builds to create fun marble runs. Consequently, move up to the larger more challenging options.


gifts for students pre-school

The matching letter game comes is an educational gift for younger kids. Including 30 flash cards featuring 60 words, 12 letter cubes and 1 tray.

Most importantly, this fun game will help your student begin to recognize images and words.

For example your young student plays with the cover open to begin learning. Copying the word and matching letters. However, as learning progresses, playing with the cover closed allows trying the word all on their own.

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