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Oases Tutor Job Board

Reduce emails by posting your company’s tutoring jobs directly to a personalized Job Board displayed to a tutor via their Oases TutorPlace login.

Tutor Job Board – Are you a tutoring company searching for the perfect tutoring match and job posting tool? Then look no further! That is to say we are thrilled to unveil our latest software feature that will increase your tutoring efficiency.

How it works!

Say you have a new student who requires tutoring on Thursday evening at 6pm for 24 weeks. Furthermore, this time is set, with no alternatives. Additionally, you are needing a tutor who can teach grade 12 Language Arts, online.

This scenario presents you with a number of challenges finding a tutor from your list for this new tutoring job:

  • Who from my list of tutors is qualified?
  • Do they like/will they do online tutoring?
  • Are they available at that time?

Well, Oases already helps you with this scenario with Tutor Search and Intelligent Match! But what happens if Oases presents you with multiple tutors who could do this new tutoring job.

Schedule Bid

For instance, with Oases Schedule Bid you can already email your matching tutors with the details of the new tutoring job and find out if they are interested.

However, with this new feature you can now also post the details to the new Oases Tutor Job Board. As a result your tutors can read the details, decide if they want to accept or decline the new tutoring job. Right from their Oases login!

Furthermore, Oases Online will track responses and let you know when a tutor accepts the new tutoring job.

Tutor Job Board

As a result of posting to the Tutor Job Board, when your tutor logs in to Oases Tutor Place they can view a list of jobs for which they are qualified and available.

tutor job board - tutoring job

Furthermore, they can access more details as added by your scheduling team. As a result, if you are sending multiple emails for multiple new jobs the Tutor Job Board makes this simpler for your tutor. Instead of clicking between emails they are now seeing all available jobs side by side and can make an informed decision more quickly.

Finally, they can Accept or Reject the job. Most importantly, right from their tutor portal.

As mentioned above you will be notified of any acceptances and have the final say on who gets the new tutoring job.

Finally, we would love to show you the Oases Tutor Job Board in action – simply book a free demonstration below.

Manage your tutoring and test prep business with…

  • Set up a recurring schedule
  • Filter your tutors by availability, qualifications, skills & proximity
  • Email filtered tutors a new job offering
  • Post new tutoring jobs to a tutor job board

and so much more!

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