Best Tutoring Software – What you need to know!

Best Tutoring Software

Looking for the best tutoring software for tutoring online or in person, can be overwhelming. How do you know what to look for if you haven’t used management software in the past?

Alternatively, you may already have a management system and have decided to change or upgrade for better features. Either way, make sure you can check off the following before you choose.

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Scheduling & Session Tracking Features

Any tutor management system you look into will be built around scheduling. That is to say, putting your students and tutors together on a session is essential. However, the best tutoring software, will include repeating sessions and tutor matching.

This will allow you to schedule multiple sessions and choose one of your tutors at the same time. Most importantly, you will know the tutor is qualified, available and able to do perform tutoring online or in a specific location.

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Sales Features In The Best Software for Tutoring

The most important sales feature is a storefront to put on your website. A storefront provided by your management system will integrate seamlessly. Therefore, you will not need to transfer data from a web store to your system as it’s all one system.

For example, a new customer buys something on your website, the name records, sessions and billing is all done automatically. Additionally, this data is all added to your tutor management system for you. Hands off!

Marketing Features

After capturing names and information from a storefront or website you need to engage your new contacts.

The best tutoring software will allow you to tag records and send bulk template emails.

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Get Going & Keep Going

No matter how good you are with computers, everyone needs help from time to time.

To clarify, check that you have access to articles, videos, personal training and a good support system. When shopping for the best software for tutoring management, find out how much help you can access.

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