Tutor Management Software – The key reasons you need good tutoring management

tutor management software

Tutoring Management – Why do you need it?

Tutor Management Software, is it really necessary? You may be tempted in the early days to think that managing your tutoring business on spreadsheets is a valid tutor management method.

That is to say, you only have a few tutors, you know them well and can plot everything out using calendars, docs and spreadsheets. In fact, the time it takes to do this may actually make you feel busy and positive about your business…. in the beginning.

However, it’s not sustainable. Let’s look at the three E’s.

Efficiency – Tutor Software is Efficient

As mentioned above, when you start out it feels good to work on your new business. But as you grow you will need to do more in less time. As a result, a manual process or even a starter software may begin to interfere with your efficiency.

Tutor management software, such as Oases, will help you automate tasks so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. Most importantly, if you have to do a time consuming task, tutor software should enable you to do it in bulk.

For example:

Error Prevention

A good tutor management software will prevent errors. That is to say, it should prevent the biggest error that plagues all tutoring businesses – scheduling errors.

To clarify, tutoring management software can remember a whole array of factors when scheduling. It should be protecting you from errors at every step of the process. You need a system that will match a tutor to a student based on:

  • Availability
  • Location
  • Qualifications
  • Additional skills or requirements
  • Number of hours to work

Furthermore, Oases will point out any errors and make suggestions.

Enterprise Capabilities – Scaleability

When you are efficient and have reduced errors, your business will grow. As a result your tutor management software should grow with you.

You should have the confidence that you can add more students, more tutors and more schedules without outgrowing your system.

Managing your tutoring business on spreadsheets or multiple different platforms is not scalable. That is to say, there will come a day when you just can’t keep up, or errors start to creep in. Act before this happens and move your data to a robust, scalable tutoring management software such as Oases Online.

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