Choosing the Right Tutor Scheduling Software

Whether you’re a tutor, music instructor, or personal trainer, scheduling software offers numerous benefits for your business and clients. Gone are the days of scheduling appointments using a pen and paper. A reliable tutor scheduling software system streamlines your operations so you can manage your appointments, accept payments, and view reports all using the same program. But, not all scheduling software is created equal; some are clearly superior to others. To help you choose the right tutor scheduling software for your business, consider the following factors:

Customizable Features

When analyzing various scheduling systems, consider your business’s needs and how well the system’s features satisfy those needs. Create a list of the tasks you intend to use the software for, aside from scheduling, and determine which systems have those capabilities. Also look for add-ons and customizable features that allow you to tailor the system to meet the unique needs of your business. Don’t just consider your current needs; consider your future needs as well, to ensure the software will continue to deliver functionality as your company continues to grow.

Ease of Use

The primary reason for tutor scheduling software is to improve the efficiency of your business. Is the software easy to use for your staff and clients? Can your administrative staff easily send invoices, accept payments, and manage student and teacher schedules? Can your clients submit payments and view progress reports with ease? If the system is difficult to use, then it defeats its purpose. Make sure the software you choose is simple enough for the average user, not a computer whiz.


A cloud-based software system offers maximum accessibility. Users can access the software from any device, no matter where they are. They don’t need to be on a company computer to use the software. Whether a tutor is at the office or working remote, they will be able to access their schedules and data with ease.

Reliability of the Provider

In addition to the features and factors of the software itself, consider the reliability of the company providing the product. Consider how long the company has been in business and their level of customer service. Make sure the provider offers ongoing customer support and is quick and efficient at responding to customer issues and questions.  Check to see if the provider has online support, as well as a telephone number you can call for urgent matters.