Switching Tutoring Software is Easy with Oases Field Mapping

Are you staying with a management system that does not work?

Changing your data management process from spreadsheets to a software system or even from one system to a new one usually means a lot of work not to mention the fear of losing data during the transition.

It can be so daunting that delays may even be welcomed!

But switch your data to Oases Online and the import of your current data just got a whole lot faster.

Oases Online has just released Field Mapped Importing. This method of importing allows you to use your existing data to bring information into Oases and populate the data fields. As long as your student and tutor data is on a spreadsheet it can be brought in.

What are the advantages to Field Mapped Imports?

Traditional imports need to be on templates. You move your data onto a template that delivers the information to the new software. But each time you move your data manually things can go wrong.

Field Mapped Importing uses your data as it stands. You can add columns to make sure that all of the required data for Oases is there and then import the sheet. If Oases does not understand where the data is to go then it will ask you to decide where to put each column of data:- Into an existing field or a custom field created by you!

Don’t lose your notes?

The Oases Field Mapped Import routine even allows you to bring in each note you have created for a student or staff member and creates a note for you in Oases.

So now there is no reason to delay the switch to bigger and better things with a better software solution to manage your business. Just check out the features on the menu to the right or request a live demonstration using the form. See you soon!

Field mapping
If your column name does not match the name of the field in Oases then you just MAP it by selecting the Oases field.


The above example shows the field mapping. Hundreds of records can be brought in with one import saving time and stress.