3 Steps to Easy Tutor Scheduling

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Tutor Scheduling is Easier than you Think!

Tutor scheduling and student scheduling is one of the most time consuming parts of running a tutoring business! However small your tutoring business, unless you are the only tutor, mistakes can be made.

So to prevent mistakes you spend time cross checking information. That is to say you check what your student wants and when. Then you have to find the best and available tutor for the job.

Perhaps you send email, make calls and send texts? What would it be like if a system with tutoring scheduling automation did that for you?

Tutor Information

It’s all about the data! You know what you need to know about your tutors and your students. I’m sure you have all the data for student scheduling. But perhaps it’s in spreadsheets or spread out in a database.

However, a key question to ask about storing data like this is – What happens with it?

Is the data just stored, or can it be used to make decisions when scheduling. That is to say, can the software make decisions for me? Such as tutor scheduling automation.

Student Scheduling Automation

It’s time to automate your student scheduling! Oases tutor scheduling automation does just that.

So for student scheduling Oases will look at all the data you have stored for your tutors:

  • Subjects
  • Availability
  • Specialist Skills
  • Location or Online

Then suggest the best tutor for the job. Of course, you have final say, or even your customer can have final say. But the information and emails are compiled and sent for you. No hassle.

Error Reduction

How does Oases reduce errors for tutor student scheduling?

It’s simple, you create the schedule the student or parent has requested. Of course this will include the location and the subject that the student wishes to study.

Oases tutor scheduling automation then looks at the data stored for the tutor:

  • Sessions they already have
  • The time when they want to work
  • Their personal Google calendar to make sure they have no one-off appointments
  • Subjects and levels they can instruct
  • Any specialist skills your tutors may have such as sign language or Dyslexia training

Then you can invite the tutors with schedule bid or assign them to the sessions. Simple! Get tutor scheduling automation for your business today.

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