8 Ways that Tutoring Management Software Can Help You Grow Your Business


The Global Private Tutoring market is expected to be a $196 billion industry by 2020 according to GIA (click here for the report).   Obviously this is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ business.  Not every tutor/instructor can successfully instruct students in multiple disciplines.  Tutoring Companies can and often do, fill this void by employing a staff of tutors that when combined, can safely help a student master several different educational disciplines. 

Managing this has historically been a difficult task for even the brightest company owners.  There is only so far you can push excel spreadsheets and Google Calendars before you are wasting your most valuable asset…Your time! 

Using a Tutoring Management System such as Oases Online can help.   Here’s how:

  1. Manage Your Team
    • Keep an online checklist of all required documents
    • Mark what classes they are qualified to teach
    • Keep unique pay rates for each tutor
    • Manage their availability or give them access so they can control their own calendar!
  2. See Schedule by Staff or Student
    • Easily toggle to see your staff calendar by discipline or by availability
    • See student schedules and easily print or email them to their parent/guardian
  3. Easily bill before or after sessions
    • You choose on a per student level how you want to bill them
    • Two separate people are paying the bill?  Let Oases figure it out for you! 
  4. Keep detailed notes on each session
    • Internal Notes – only seen by you and your staff members
    • Progress notes that are viewable by everyone
  5. Easily Manage Group Sessions
    • Easily add and subtract students from group session
    • You can also effectively manage your After School Care Programs
  6. Automatic reminders
    • Emails reminders to parents and instructors
  7. Automate your payroll
    • Simply import your payroll to ADP, Paychex or several other systems
    • Use the Power of Cloud Software to easily access your business anywhere you have an internet connection! 

 To learn more call us at (866) 327-0035, email at sales@oasesonline.com or click here to schedule an online demonstration and learn how Oases Online can help you simplify your business and your life!