Oases Online Overview – What Can Oases Do For You?

Oases is a tutoring management system for your tutoring or session based business to manage all admin functions quickly and efficiently.

Using the Oases Online Overview you can view how Oases functions revolve around your students. So just press on the graphic below, then read on to drill down into the Oases Features.

Oases Online Overview

Most importantly, if you are offering instruction, tutoring, camp or any situation where an appointment is made, Oases can help.  So, if you provide sessions with a staff member and one or more attendees, read on! Find out how to streamline your administration functions with our tutoring management system.

Oases Sales & Marketing Tools


You can sell services via your website with Oases MarketPlace storefront. Sell set sessions such as an SAT test or an entire schedule such as a test prep crammer. Customers buy onto the items you are offering.

As well or instead of this you may decide to sell service hours to be used at a later date. However, should you choose to link your tutors to MarketPlace, direct bookings may be made. Explore MarketPlace


In addition to MarketPlace your team can create webforms in Oases which are again, published to your website. To clarify, these webforms can be used for your human resource department to collect tutor applications or for your sales team to capture new leads.

Most importantly, you can create a webform that is attached to your MarketPlace for customer check out. When a new customer checks out you then capture the information you require. Oases tutor tracking software does the work creating the student and customer records; transferring your new customer details. Explore Webforms


Create tags in Oases simply and easily for your onboarding or sales process. You can add tags to incoming records created by the webforms. Consequently, you can filter all records by tags for all sorts of tasks you may wish your teams to perform.


Once you have captured a new lead with a webform you will need to stay in touch. That is to say you can use use the Oases tutoring management system to email offers to a list filtered by your tags. To help speed this up for your team you can create email templates that may be selected for individual or bulk emailing.

Explore Sales & Marketing Tools

Oases Scheduling & Tracking Tools

There are multiple scheduling tools in Oases, so you can use the one that suits your business:

  • Create a schedule of sessions, keeping everything for a student tutor relationship in one place
  • Create a single one-off session in your session list
  • Make a single session in the calendar
  • Add your single session to a schedule after the fact (add a trial session or testing session to the student’s main schedule)
  • Your customers may request a session via the white label customer login
  • New and existing customers may book directly via the Oases MarketPlace storefront on your website

Track and view your sessions from multiple locations:

  • In the session list
  • via the calendar
  • directly from the student record or schedule

Track student performance and progress:

While scheduling your team can match a tutor to a client and track student progress. The framework of Oases is your ability to build schedules for your customers and find the right tutor for the job. Keep in mind that Oases checks qualifications and availability of your listed tutors. If at any time you are not sure, send out invitations to filtered tutors to assess interest. All in all, communication is key for any tutor tracking software.

Explore Scheduling & Tracking Tools

Oases Accounting Tools

As we are sure you are aware, you need to be paid for your services and you need to pay your staff for theirs. Oases tutoring management system can help here as well!


There are 3 invoicing modules or methods built into Oases; to help you meet any need. Each module is divided into 2 basic methods giving you total control. Furthermore, you don’t need to stick to one method. By dividing your services into programs you can handle different cost centers or contracts with your chosen or required method.

For additional flexibility you can program different rates for different students purchasing the same item. Even within the same family.

Need to split an invoice between different family members or agencies. No problem! Program in the split and Oases creates both invoices at the same time for the different parties. Explore Invoicing

Credit Card Processing

If you link your Oases database to one of our approved card processors payments are easy. You have the choice to keep a card on file for your customers; running the payment at the time of invoicing. Perhaps you have given your customers a grace period to pay, then you would simply run all the cards for invoices created by your team on a prior date.

However, if you have given your customers more autonomy you may ask them to pay their invoices via the white label customer login. Explore Credit Cards


It’s not all about credit cards and we don’t force you to use them. Should you wish to accept other methods of payment outside the Oases tutoring management system then that’s fine. Simply log the payment to your customer’s account to keep their information up to date.

Close the Books

We recommend that you use the Oases accounting features for your invoices and payments. But you may choose to make general ledger entries at the end of each month to an accounting software. To prevent changes being made to your invoices or payments after this transfer of information you can Close the Books. You would simply add a date to Oases and no invoices or payments dated on or before this date may be edited. As a result your data is clean and accurate.

Explore Accounting Tools

Streamlined Process

We hope from this Oases Online Overview, you will agree that from start to finish everything you need is handled seamlessly. Oases will report on the progress of your students to you and your customers. Furthermore, when applying for a government contract this proof of tutoring efficacy provided by the tracking features is essential.


Your staff and your customers may log in to view sessions and associated information and tutors can make notes and close out sessions.

Oases Features & Benefits

  • Gain customers via your website using Oases WebForms or MarketPlace.
  • Easily schedule staff and students – spend time enjoying your business not stressing out.
  • Simple and easy to use invoicing solutions.
  • Online testing through the Achieve Series of Tests or create your own.
  • Create automatic Learning Plans from test results.
  • Log scores, grades, times or achievements.
  • Configurable instant and automatic student progress reports.
  • Easily produce your payroll; includes the ability for custom payments based upon specific group or student.
  • Analyze your business by cost centers or programs.
  • Store important documents for staff members and students.
  • Allow parents to login to pay invoices by credit card or see progress reports or individual session notes and much more.

All that Oases Online has to offer

There are too many features, functions and benefits to cover them all in this short Oases Online overview. So if you would like to drill down into specific areas we have broken these out for you.

On the right hand side of this page you will see a navigation menu to allow you to pick the tutoring management system features that are important to you. We also have useful articles in our blog for tips, tricks and ideas for tutoring management.

If you don’t run tutoring or academics the Business Use pages contain other examples. We highlight using Oases Online for other related industries.

At any time you can call us or use the demonstration request form. We will be happy to show you the system and answer specific questions about your program or business.

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