Reschedule Students with the new Oases Tutor-Lane Calendar

 The Problem with last minute Scheduling Changes

Last minute tutor rescheduling can be fiddly, exacerbated by the associated time crunch. You are faced with many questions such as which of my tutors is free and where are they? If a session is in a student home, which is my nearest tutor and are they qualified?

You need to be able to answer all of these questions quickly and make the necessary scheduling changes and keep everyone informed.

Oases Change Management for Tutor Rescheduling

Oases has always assisted with these changes with Availability Matching, Instant Tutor Qualification Searching and Invitations to Substitute that will find the available, qualified instructors and email them an invitation to substitute a session or pop up phone numbers for urgent constitutions. When they respond as interested, changes are made.

But there’s a different scenario that needs a simpler solution.

Oases Change Management for Student Rescheduling

When small group tutoring is taking place in a tutoring center and a student or a few students don’t show up you may wish to reschedule the groups so that one tutor does not have to tutor on that day.

This would mean assigning the sessions to the new tutor. Opening the session, changing the tutor and saving. Now this can be done in the Tutor-Lane Calendar by dragging the session to the new tutor.


In Oases in the regular daily calendar we can see that at 3pm there are three groups taking place.

Switching to the Tutor-Lane view of the calendar I see the same information but presented per tutor.


Reschedule with a Quick Lane Change

So if one of Emily’s students cancels then I can lane-change one student to Chris and one to Sally by dragging and dropping in the Tutor-Lane calendar and all updates are made to the session.

Press play on the screen grab below to see the sessions moved to new tutors and the sessions updating to that tutor and color.

That’s how easy it is to reschedule students to a new tutor in Oases.

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