Online SAT/ACT Testing with Oases

Online Bubble Sheets

Here at Oases, we’re proud to announce the availability of Online Bubble Sheets for students to take practice SAT and ACT tests online.

The popularity of online teaching is skyrocketing and online testing is an obvious next step for Oases.

The Method

Firstly, the tutor/instructor will tell Oases that a student is going to take a test.  Having done this, there are two options:

  1. The student takes the test immediately if they are present.
  2. The tutor has Oases send an email with a special link.

Once either of these options is taken, the student is presented with a welcome screen confirming the test to be answered (the test questions need also to be made available to the student).

After this, the student simply clicks on the answer and Oases will gray out the bubble just as a pencil would do on a paper test.  The bar at the top to advances as the questions are answered, and will turn green when all questions in the section have been answered.

Test Completion and Automatic Grading

Once complete, the student submits the test and Oases will automatically grade the sections.

Finally, the Answer Summary details the student performance in the various sections and a comprehensive report provides question by question analysis.

SAT-ACT Answer Summary

Student Gains

The printed reports (pdf format) detail previous tests taken so giving a representation of student progress.


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