Oases Online Releases SES Tutoring Forms for the 2014-2015 Academic School Year


Oases Online has released its forms and reports needed for SES Tutoring Programs for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.  This marks the 12th year that Oases Online has been a software management solution for SES Tutors in the No Child Left Behind Program (NCLB).  The Oases reporting and invoicing platform allows SES providers in the United States to easily keep track of student attendance, employee payroll, student progress reports and lesson plans as well as being able to generate the proper invoices to the various State Agencies that pay for the SES programs at a click of a button. 

“Being able to supply a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to the tutoring community has been a great joy to us…”, Director of Operations Charles Steel is quoted.  He also said, “As our base of SES Tutoring Providers have grown over the last 11 years so have we.  As our clients have developed needs for private tutoring, after school care and other session based needs we have been able to further enhance the Oases Online platform to suit their needs.  We have a strong belief that cloud computing will continue to grow and as our clients continue to expand their businesses we will also continue to grow with them.” 

Oases Online is the premier online management software for tutoring, after school or any type of session based service provider.  Included in Oases are billing modules to handle federal, state and private invoicing.  Oases Online provides a 100% web based solutions for managing schedules, attendance, payroll and matching students with the proper instructors.  For more information please go to  or call 866.327.0035


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