Oases Partners with Lessonspace for Online Whiteboard

Oases Partners with Lessonspace for Online Whiteboard

As the tutoring industry adapts to more online service delivery, Oases is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lessonspace, a great online classroom and whiteboard tool.

The partnership with Lessonspace not only offers the ability to integrate your virtual classroom creation with Oases but also the added feature of being able to schedule the creation of online meeting spaces for multiple sessions with a single click.

Meeting links are delivered to the tutor and students automatically via the Oases session reminders but also via instant email should you need to create an instant session.

Furthermore, there is the added advantage of deeply discounted rates on you Lessonspace account.


Simple Meeting Setup

During the normal set up of a schedule of sessions in Oases it’s now possible to include the creation of a matching meeting space for the tutor and student/s to meet.

This personalized meeting space belongs to the schedule of sessions and each time the student and tutor meet online for a session, the details are logged and recorded inside the specific space for that schedule.

This keeps everything together and the meeting link is always the same for each session they have together.


Great Tutoring Tools

Lessonspace is a great virtual classroom with the ability to use multiple boards, graph paper with functions and equations along with many other useful tools.

Depending on the type of account you open, meetings are recorded and can be checked by the office at any time.

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Oases Discount Prices

Opening an account with Lessonspace is simple and Oases customers get a 50% reduction on the Pro and Advanced account subscriptions. With a Starter account any overage hours you need to purchase are also reduced by 50%.

You don’t have to wait to be an Oases customer before signing up, you can take advantage of reduced pricing right away.

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See It All In Action

If you would like to see Oases in action to see the Lessonspace integration or any of the other great features and functions to streamline your tutoring business, please use the link below to book an online demonstration at your convenience.

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