Integrity in Your Tutoring Business

integrity in tutoring

Tutoring Integrity & Ethics

Integrity in tutoring is a concept that is memorialized in writing in part through the National Education Association’s Code of Ethics. However, the practical application is challenging. Particularly in those situations that require a company follow the various mandates of government agencies. Maintaining Integrity in tutoring in your organization, as it relates to employees, requires a proactive approach. Therefore, I recommend the following three step process:

1. Assume all your employees will be unethical.
2. Identify all the possible ways they can be unethical.
3. Create processes in your organization to combat unethical practices.

Integrity in Tutoring

Unethical practices cost you money because all violations that are discovered must be fixed. Furthermore, they may result in the loss of a contract with a parent, organization or other government entity.

For example when providing Supplemental Education Services to school districts, student attendance sheets must be accurate. That is to say the rules regarding verifying student attendance vary greatly from school to school. While these rules can be onerous, violating these rules violates the integrity in tutoring for your organization.

If a district requests that parents sign students out daily, parents must sign students out daily. In most cases, it is a violation of your contract to request a parent fill out a sheet at the end of the month for student attendance for the entire month.

Tutoring companies are not typically at fault in this matter. That is to say your tutors often do not understand the importance of the tasks they perform.  Even when tutors are advised, they do not always fully appreciate the consequences. To clarify, it is a violation of your contract to allow recreating or doctoring attendance sheets. Not to mention the damage to your integrity in Tutoring.

How do you combat this?

1. Assume your tutors will forget or not make it a priority to get signatures daily.
2. Require them to scan/fax student attendance sheets to you daily, if they do not have access to a scanner or printer, ask them to take a picture of the signed attendance sheets and txt or e-mail you the picture.

You could then reward the positive behavior through a point system. For example, 15 points equals a $25 bonus.

Tutoring Ethics

It is your job, as a tutoring company, to send a clear message to your employees about what is necessary to maintain integrity in Tutoring.

Within the fast changing Supplemental Education Services landscape integrity is one of the primary determinants of service.  Therefore, identifying gaps in your plan to achieve 100% integrity in tutoring throughout your entire organization is key. Filling in those gaps, will ensure your ability to continue providing quality services to your clients for years to come.

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