5 Features to Expect from Your Tutor Management System

In the business world, you constantly need to modernize your operations to maintain the highest level of efficiency and work performance. More and more tutoring and instruction companies are modernizing their operations with a fully-integrated tutor scheduling and management system. The best scheduling software lets businesses easily schedule their sessions and manage all associated data, freeing up your time and focus to participate in your company. With so many online tutor scheduling solutions out there, it can be difficult to separate the quality systems from the mediocre. To ensure you’re investing in the best system, look for these key features.

Tutor Matching

A high-quality tutor scheduling software saves you time and stress by matching students to the best available tutor based on their needs. When a session is requested, the software matches the right tutor to a student based on the teacher’s availability, location of session, subjects taught, and student age preferences. With this, you can schedule single sessions or multiple durations, all while avoiding scheduling conflicts. Your software solution should also send automatic reminders to remind students of their appointments.

User-Friendly Interface

A software solution that’s not user-friendly will be counter-intuitive and only waste your staff’s time. Scheduling sessions should be easy, and your schedules and reports should be simple to display and understand.

Invoicing and Payment Processing

Your tutor management system should do more than just let you book and manage sessions. A good software solution streamlines all the back-end operations of running your business, including invoicing and payment processing. Bill your private, school, or grant-based programs using one convenient platform. Easily invoice your customers for sessions at different rates as required and accept payments online.

Testing and Learning Plans

Your online scheduling and tutor management system should allow your tutors to test their students and utilize the results to create targeted learning plans based on a student’s individual needs. Using the software your tutors can access the testing scores and lesson plans, as well as generate and review progress reports.

Anywhere Accessibility

Consider a cloud-based tutor management system, so that your tutors and customers can easily access the system online, no matter where they are. Since the system is hosted over the internet, users can manage their schedules and data from anywhere, whether at work or on-the-go, as well as from any device, including a mobile phone or tablet.

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