Why Use Cloud Software for your Tutoring, Education and Business Management Needs?


If you are reading this blog it is guaranteed you use cloud based software!

If you are still reading this blog there are no doubts you use cloud based software!

So what is cloud based software?  To make it simple, cloud based software, or web based software, lives in the internet.  Not Al Gore’s internet…the real internet.  The internet where billions of people across the globe access files, web pages or communicate with each other via email, instant message or even VoIP (Voice over IP).  The software services we use like email, iCloud™, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all cloud based applications we use in everyday life.  But can we use them for business?  Can you use them for tutoring, education and business management?


Want some reasons?

  • Improves Productivity:  Move away from tracking sessions on notepads, attendance sheets or excel spreadsheets!
  • Reduces Costs:  Not only physical costs such as paper good s or computer hardware, but TIME.  Software saves you TIME!
  • Easily Accessible:  Have a computer or a smart device?  Have internet?  You have access to your software to run your business no matter where you are!
  • Secure:  Most providers have your data encrypted and locked up behind countless software and hardware security measures!
  • Backs Up:   No longer worry about your computer crashing or losing paper files.  Using a cloud based solution automatically backs up your files so you no longer have to worry!

That is why cloud based online management software such as Oases Online can dramatically help you.  If you operate a tutoring, after school or any type of session based program/business, the team at Oases Online has been dedicated to helping the education industry since 2003.  We can help you to:

  • intelligently match tutors and students
  • create easy online invoices
  • automatically create lesson plans for your students
  • manage your grant based and private tutoring session in ONE program
  • and so much more……….

To learn more call us at (866) 327-0035 or email us at sales@oasesonline.com for a free demonstration of our Premier Online Management Software.