Tutoring Company New Year Resolution – Streamline Your Scheduling

tutoring company new year resolution

Tutoring Company New Year Resolution

It’s the new year which tradition dictates should come with turning over a new leaf. So we suggest doing this for your tutoring company. That is to say, streamline your scheduling in the New Year.

How should you do this? Well, if you are using an appointment app or spreadsheets to manage your tutoring company, this is for you. Switching to a purpose designed management system will help you stick to your resolution. Even if you have outgrown your current software platform Oases Online has something to help everyone.

Streamline Your Scheduling in the New Year

So how can Oases Online help you achieve your tutoring company new year resolution? Well, that’s what it’s designed to do.

Step 1 – Sign Students

Capturing sign ups via your website is a key part of growing your business. So key Sales & Marketing is a must. We can help with the Oases MarketPlace Storefront for customers who wish to book. Furthermore, for anyone who is not ready to purchase yet, you can publish a WebForm to capture information.

Step 2 – Schedule Sessions

Scheduling students who did not book via MarketPlace is simple. That is to say, you don’t have to scour lists and cross check everything to prevent errors. Streamline your scheduling in the new year. Simply schedule what the customer has asked for then use Oases tutor matching. As a result, Oases will list the tutors who meet your criteria. From this point you can assign the tutor or email them to see if they are interested.

Step 3 – Communicate

Communicate, communicate, communicate! That is to say improving communication is a key tutoring company new year resolution. For example, let the tutors know they have a new student, let the parent know all about their new tutor. Additionally, reminders are sent to everyone at intervals of your choosing.

Step 4 – Track

Tracking your sessions is key. Of course, you will need to charge your customers and pay your tutors and Oases Accounting Tools manages this key aspect. However, you also need to track your student’s progress within each of their sessions. Compiling your tutor close out notes into an easy to read Progress Report to report on progress. For example, compile the session notes and include key indicators of progress against the Learning Plan.

So Will This Be Part of Your Tutoring Company New Year Resolution?

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