Top 5 Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn

mistakes people make on LinkedIn

Mistakes People Make on Linkedin

Is your tutoring company on Linkedin? As your tutoring business grows, your social media presence should as well. So, one of the best places to network, find new leads and share information about your tutoring company is LinkedIn. However, make sure you aren’t making these 5 mistakes people make on Linkedin profiles.

1. Is Your Tutoring Company on LinkedIn an Incomplete Profile?

What does it say about you and your tutoring business if you never uploaded a picture? Additionally, if you never complete your profile information, or have no connections?

This is one of the top mistakes people make on Linkedin. Because as a result one response might be that you can’t finish anything. Furthermore it might look like you don’t care. On the other hand, maybe it seems as if you don’t take your tutoring business seriously. An unfinished profile for you or your tutoring company on Linkedin is not doing your company any justice. So, make sure you complete your profile and ensure that it is linked properly to your companies both past and present.

Additionally, upload a picture; even if you are not the next big thing in photographic modeling, upload a picture. No picture screams, ‘what are you hiding?’ and casts doubts. Above all, people will be asking ‘Are you real?’ Think about it for about 5 seconds then upload your picture. Your tutoring company on Linkedin can, of course, have your logo as picture.

2. Do you link only when you need something?

Most people can tell when a sudden flurry of activity on LinkedIn and multiple connection requests stems from desperation! This is one of the common mistakes people make on Linkedin. Instead, use LinkedIn to maintain and foster relationships not to scramble for a job. It’s the long sell; of yourself and your company. So, set aside time each week at the least to browse your connections. For instance, you never know when a connection you made a month ago can materialize into a great lead today.

3. Do you belong to hundreds of groups or no groups at all?

Signing up to multiple groups and not contributing is the same as not belonging to any groups at all. Belonging to the wrong groups is just as wasteful. Importantly, join groups from the industry you and your company are in. Furthermore find groups for your field of expertise within that industry. Post as your tutoring company on Linkedin, contribute and get involved.

4. Do you connect to people you don’t know and will never do business with?

Hello people, this is not Facebook or Twitter! This is a professional network. Don’t run the risk of a potential client saying, “I see you know John Doe,” and you having to respond, “No I was just collecting connections.” Connect with your existing customers, clients and vendors and keep up to date with their groups and discussions. So, when you meet someone on one of the groups, connect with them, and nurture that new relationship.

5. Have you failed to take the time to ensure all of your staff are on LinkedIn?

Never underestimate the connections that your staff members may already have. For example, they talk with counterparts in other companies. Therefore, think of it in terms of personal assistants who know all the other personal assistants. When signing a new customer see if a member of your staff already knows anyone from the company and utilize that connection.

Some Other Useful Tips to Maximize your Tutoring Company on Linkedin

  • Use the ‘Answers’ section and answer questions for other users. People will remember you.
  • Ask for recommendations from customers or past co-workers.
  • Prioritize your profile placement, recommendations are more important than old acquaintances.
  • Exchanging LinkedIn information should be as automatic as giving out a business card.
  • Research potential employees and advertise job postings.

So don’t make the mistakes people make on Linkedin. Therefore, if you have not already created your personal and company profiles, get to it. LinkedIn is an incredible way to expand your professional network, and grow your tutoring business.

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