Reschedule Students with the new Oases Tutor-Lane Calendar

Reschedule student sessions simply & quickly The Problem with last minute Scheduling Changes Last minute tutor rescheduling can be fiddly, exacerbated by the associated time crunch. You are faced with many questions such as which of my tutors is free and where are they? If a session is in a student home, which is my […]

Teacher Scheduling Software | How to Schedule in The Most Effective Way Possible

If you’re an after-school provider with a tutoring business, then consider getting a teacher scheduling software to run your business with ease. Having a software that will help schedule your teachers or tutors efficiently, organize data, streamline operations, and provide you business information instantly under one platform is not only convenient but also advantageous. In […]

Student Management System | Why You Need to Start Using a Student Management System

Having a student management system for your tutoring business can help streamline the tasks of your admins, tutors, and staff. The same platform can also be used to manage your business’ interaction with tutees and parents, making it easier for all the stakeholders to keep tabs on schedules, progress reports, lesson plans, and more. Utilizing […]

Teacher Scheduling Software | Advantages of Using a Teacher Scheduling Software

Proper allocation through scheduling of resources and manpower affects the overall success of an organization or business. That’s why it’s important to exert extra effort when it comes to the entire process of scheduling. A tutorial or an after-school provider is one of the major organizations that can greatly benefit from teacher scheduling software. If […]

Switching Tutoring Software is Easy with Oases Field Mapping

Are you staying with a management system that does not work? Changing your data management process from spreadsheets to a software system or even from one system to a new one usually means a lot of work not to mention the fear of losing data during the transition. It can be so daunting that delays […]

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