6 Great Marketing Ideas for Fall

fall marketing ideas for tutoring companies

Fall Marketing Ideas for Tutoring Companies

Today we look at marketing ideas for Fall, to celebrate the start of, well, Fall. We felt it was fitting to supply you with some great fall marketing ideas for your tutoring company. Your customers may be getting back into the school routines, or already planning for Halloween, so don’t hesitate to cash in on the holidays ahead.

Marketing Ideas for Fall

Here are six ideas to help keep sales going strong this fall:

1. Back to School

One of the great marketing ideas for fall is to work with local schools, office stores or shopping centers to build your brand awareness. Get your tutoring services in everyone’s hands through flyers or handouts, inviting families to meet with you to learn more. This is a great way to stay connected with the community in a time when education is already on your customers’ minds.

2. Support Local Sports

Fall also means the return of football season. Find out if your local high school or community college needs sponsors, or other opportunities where you can tie in your tutoring business with local sports teams. It’s another great connection between the seasons and your growing business.

3. Halloween Party

Collaborate with other local businesses in your area to celebrate Halloween. That is to say, you can build an event where you can supply safe trick-or-treating. Marketing ideas for fall also include working with a local church or community center who may already be planning a Trick-or-Treat party. Have those flyers handy again, the kids might want the candy, but the parents will love knowing you are there to support their child’s education.

4. Say “thank you.”

Send out Thanksgiving cards in November to current and past customers. This will keep your company relevant while also building great relationships with families. Consider including an offer that encourages customers to share the card with their family and friends along with a coupon for 20 percent off their next visit.

5. Start Preparing for the Holidays

We all like to count the shopping days left until Christmas, right? So, your fall marketing ideas for tutoring could include putting together your shopping list and opportunities to include your brand into the holiday spirit. That is to say, calendars, ornaments with your business name and website information, or another seasonal card wishing everyone happy holidays are all great reminders of how wonderful your business is.

6. Hit the festival circuit

Chances are that organizations in your area host a fall fair or Oktoberfest, so find out how to set up a booth or get involved in sponsoring the event. Once again, have those flyers, nick-nacks and handouts ready to meet new customers and get them in your door.

Fall Marketing Ideas – What will you do?

Fall is an ideal time to promote your tutoring business: people are back in town after vacation, kids are back to school, and everyone’s ready for a fresh start. Therefore, take advantage of the season’s opportunities.

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