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Online Proctoring

Test Proctoring in our Online World

Online or remote tutoring was on the rise prior to Covid but is now used more than ever before. As students struggle to close the education gaps caused by missing school during the pandemic,  tutoring companies will be testing more students than ever before to assess how intervention tutoring may be applied.

Many of these tests will be delivered online, like the Oases Achieve Test and SAT/ACT practice tests, then the questions of integrity and test proctoring will need to be answered.

There are a number of options open to online tutoring companies to proctor these tests.

1. Test Proctoring by your Online Tutor

Online tutoring is normally delivered with video conferencing capability and this video may be leveraged by your tutor for online test proctoring.

Be sure to have the online test and video conferencing software open at the same time and on the same monitor if the student has more than one. If the student is taking a pre-test for the first time and is not known to the tutor, ID can be held up to the camera.

If the student is too young to have an ID then we can safely assume they are not alone and an adult can verify identity.

The tutor can watch student eye movement and look for excessive text entry for tests that are multiple choice.

2. Test Proctoring Services

Companies such as Examity, Kryterion and ProctorU offer the above services in a formal setting. Using the above tips and adding the use of mirrors that the student holds up prior to starting so the remote proctor can see the layout of the room and see if there are other computers, devices or people near the child.

Online literature states they are experts at spotting body or eye movements that indicate cheating and are alerted by software to audio being changed by the student as they work through a test.

Lack of pricing on these sites indicate this is an expensive service that maybe best kept for unique situations.

3. Sub-Contract local Test Proctoring

Many areas have local proctors that may be sub-contracted for tests and being creative may help to keep costs down.

Can the student’s school help out with administering a test or a local library?

Shop around and ensure that the price you charge for the testing session will cover the price you pay for the use of the test, your time to find a proctor and the proctor themselves.

4. Parent Test Procturing

Some tutoring companies will have a parent proctor a test but it needs to come with a stiff set of rules.

It needs to be made clear to the parent and the student that absolutely nothing will be gained from tutoring if the parent helps their child with the test.

Point out that to get the best bang for their buck it is essential that the child fails in the areas where they need most help in order to receive that help.

Suggest that the parent assists in opening the online test and ensures that everything is working and then, if age appropriate leave the child in peace to work through the test, taking cell phones and calculators with them when they go.

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