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Tutor Feedback System from Oases

tutor feedback and star rating system
Rating your Tutors with the Oases Tutor Feedback System. Tutor Star Rating System A tutor feedback system and rating your tutors is essential. That is to say, in the dynamic landscape of education, the importance of effective tutoring cannot be overstated. As learning methodologies evolve, so too must the tools that support them. Today, we're [...]

Tutor Job Board – New from Oases Online Tutoring Management

tutor job board - tutoring jobs
Oases Tutor Job Board Reduce emails by posting your company's tutoring jobs directly to a personalized Job Board displayed to a tutor via their Oases TutorPlace login. Tutor Job Board - Are you a tutoring company searching for the perfect tutoring match and job posting tool? Then look no further! That is to say we [...]

Oases Online launches new Oases Interface

new oases interface
Oases Launches New Interface The new Oases Interface is now live for current and new customers. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that all of the Oases features and functions you have come to expect are still there in the new interface. However, we have programmed a clean, fresh and modern user experience and display [...]

Simple Tutoring Invoicing

Simple Tutoring Invoicing
Simple Tutoring Invoicing with Oases Whether you are using tutor software or not, I am sure there are times when you or your tutoring company struggles with simple tutoring invoicing. That is to say there are many reasons your invoicing may become complex: Exceptions are already in place for legacy clients Deals are struck with [...]

Oases TutorPlace – Simple Student Management

Simple Student Management for Tutors Oases Online has released a new simple interface for tutors called TutorPlace. As a result, tutors can manage their Oases students and sessions and other tasks via this new Oases platform. Most importantly, TutorPlace will make managing Oases sessions and students much easier for your busy tutors. Don't worry - [...]

Oases Partners with Lessonspace for Online Whiteboard

tutoring online
Oases Partners with Lessonspace for Online Tutoring Whiteboard As the tutoring industry adapts to more online service delivery, Oases is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lessonspace. To clarify, Lessonspace is a great online classroom and whiteboard tool to enable you to deliver online tutoring services. Our partnership with Lessonspace offers you the ability [...]

Online SAT/ACT Testing with Oases

Online SAT ACT Testing Bubble Sheets Here at Oases, we're proud to announce the availability of Online Bubble Sheets for students to take free practice tests for SAT & ACT online. The popularity of online teaching is skyrocketing and online testing is an obvious next step for Oases. So we have created an online virtual [...]

Reschedule Students with the new Oases Tutor-Lane Calendar

reschedule students reschedule tutors
 The Problem with last minute Scheduling Changes Last minute tutor rescheduling can be fiddly, exacerbated by the associated time crunch. You are faced with many questions such as which of my tutors is free and where are they? If a session is in a student home, which is my nearest tutor and are they qualified? [...]

Oases New Feature – Check-In Check-Out Mode

Student Check-In Student Check-In. Do you need to check your students in for tutoring? Well look no further as Oases Online is pleased to announce the addition of Check-In Check-Out Mode. To clarify this great new feature has been added to the Oases scheduling management system for all Oases customers. Therefore, if you use Oases [...]

Oases New Feature – Assignments & Homework Tracking

Homework Tracking Many tutors are giving homework or assignments when assisting students. Homework can range from a simple review, quiz, worksheet or a more in depth homework project, such as an essay. But how do you track these items? Furthermore, how do you know if a student working with multiple tutors is falling behind with [...]