Sample Oases Generated Documents & Excel Reports

To help with your decision to use Oases or for RFA’s we have put together some sample documents:

Sample Oases Learning Plan

Sample Oases Progress Report

Sample Oases Agency Invoice Group Tutoring

Sample Oases Invoice for Private Individual Services

sample Oases excel end of program report

sample Oases excel student hours report

sample Oases excel attendance report

If you require any other examples please contact us.

Testing With Achieve Tests

Through oases online you can test online with the Achieve tests either at your location or have oases generate a test link that may be emailed to a proctor at another location.

Alternatively, if your students take paper tests at their school and you wish for them to test in the same environment you may administer a paper test and have oases grade the test for you.

Either way, oases will generate a targeted learning plan from the student’s test results, targeting the areas of greatest weakness.

A test print out is generated grouping the questions and student’s answers by benchmark/objective and oases will compare the student’s pre-test and post-test and report on the student’s gains, demonstrating the efficacy of your program.

Achieve validity report

Oases online testing Grade 4 Math Question

Sample Achieve Test Report LA

Sample Achieve Test Report MA

ACT Scoring & Reports

Oases can score 14 of the ACT practice tests converting raw scores to ACT scaled scores and produce a bespoke report to assist with tutoring.

Sample Oases ACT Report

SAT Scoring & Reports

Oases can score the 8 SAT practice tests converting raw scores to SAT scores.

Sample Oases SAT Report

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