CRM for Small Tutoring Companies

CRM for small tutoring companies

Does Your Tutoring Company Need Separate CRM?

Before we look at the question of does your tutoring company need separate CRM, let’s look at what CRM means. CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to a software platform that helps you gain customers, in other words a sales software. To clarify, this platform helps you identify potential customers and manage that person through the sales process.

So if you are a small or moderate sized tutoring company do you need to pay for a separate system? The short answer is no. If you choose a tutoring management software with a good functional framework, this can be managed all in one software system. That is to say, if your scheduling software has the right features, you can capture leads, enroll customers, sell services and schedule, all in one place.

CRM for Small Tutoring Companies

CRM for small tutoring companies will need the following features in your tutoring management software:

Lead Capture

Lead capture that creates records for you automatically. This means the method of capture creates a record in your tutoring management database and lets you know. For example, a webform that you create in your software but post on your database. As a result prospective customers can discover.

Customer Capture

A customer is someone who buys something, so you need to be able to sell services on your website. Therefore, look for a tutoring management system where this is possible with a storefront. Again, with the ability for your new customer to purchase and that purchase creates all records.

Bulk Emailing with Templates

A key feature for CRM for small tutoring companies is the ability to email prospects. That is to say you will need to reach out with special offers and new services.

Tags & Tasks

Tags and Tasks will help you manage your CRM actions. Reminding you or your team when a certain template has to be sent and being able to filter to those records easily.

The Sales & Marketing tools in Oases Online cover these essential features to allow you to manage CRM alongside the Scheduling and Tracking tasks you also need. Allowing a lead to become a prospect then a customer in a seamless fashion with no additional data entry.

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