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The Art of Listening to Your Staff

the art of listening
 Art of Listening Listening to your tutors is important. For example, consider a vice president of a Fortune 500 corporation meeting with his CEO. You need to know that this was his annual review, and he was baffled to discover the emphasis on one aspect of his feedback. That is to say his peers, customers, [...]

Virtual Rewards Produce Real Motivation

motivation for tutoring with virtual rewards
Motivation for Tutoring with Virtual Rewards Virtual rewards for tutoring? Well, every culture has its own currency which it trades for the things its citizens prize or need. As a result children, especially when tutoring, are no exception. So, consider providing motivation for tutoring with virtual rewards for tutoring students. That is to say that [...]

4 Crucial Communication Skills for Online Tutors

communication skills for online tutors
Communication Skills for Tutors Why improve tutor communication? As I'm sure you are aware online tutoring requires awareness of many communication techniques. Furthermore, these techniques are taken for granted in face-to-face tutoring. So in this article, I will cover important techniques to improve tutor communication skills for online tutors. Improve Tutor Communication 1. Timeliness - [...]