Online Whiteboard from Limnu

Limnu is an online whiteboard with a free trial, simple sign up and a free tier for tutors who need up to 15 boards for tutoring sessions.

Limnu Management Interface

The dashboard is intuitive with a bright and fresh presentation of your boards with simple commands for each board to perform actions such as sharing the board, renaming and granting permissions for your students to collaborate.

If you or your employer uses Oases to manage your tutoring scheduling and billing, the share code may be added to the Oases session to be sent out with the session reminder or accessed via the parent portal. If they miss that, then a simple email may also be sent just before session time.

The desktop version is responsive so for the image below I made the browser smaller to fit the right side icons into the shot, but apps for ios and Android are available.


Limnu Board

Options for pen or marker, various colors and tools such as sticky notes, pins, labels or images. I had trouble with the controls of the sticky note. It will add to the center of the screen and moving it around was not as simple as grab and drop as the move tool moves the entire board back and forth, it seems to be the select tool that allows you to move the note!


Limnu Communication

You can communicate with your student via a messaging panel and video is coming soon. So if your student is happy to text or you are talking on the phone Limnu is a great solution for visuals.


When done you can export pieces of your board in ‘view ports’, that are like screen shots so your student can grab what’s needed for homework using the method they prefer and the tutor can save sections to the Oases session in case they might be needed in future.

Limnu Pricing

For $5.00 per month you get unlimited boards that don’t expire and Team pricing would be the choice for tutoring companies wishing to provide a board service for their tutors.


A consumable API is available allowing a programmer to link Limnu to your tutoring management platform if they, like Oases, have API accessibility.

Tutoring Management System by Oases

If you are interested in Oases Online to manage your students, tutors, sessions, billing and much more and see how easy it is to send a whiteboard link to a student please press the button below to book a no obligation online demonstration with one of our experts.

We will show you the Oases framework and how it fits to your business and linking to a whiteboard platform.